6 Vanadium Stocks with Great Momentum This Month

The vanadium stocks on our list should continue to leverage the ongoing battery metals boom

SmallCapPower | June 15, 2018: While vanadium hasn’t received as much coverage as lithium and cobalt, the price of has vanadium increased significantly, surging 459% since the start of 2016, outperforming cobalt by 182%. Generally, vanadium is used in steel alloys, but also has important applications as a battery metal, as vanadium-based batteries are known to have longer lifetimes, lower heat levels, and no risk of combustion. A few months ago, we mentioned a few vanadium stocks that would likely benefit from the continued rally in the vanadium price, and now we’ve identified a few more. The Canada-listed vanadium stocks on our list today would likely benefit from a continued rally in the vanadium price.

Cornerstone Metals Inc. (TSXV:CCC) – $0.90

Cornerstone Metals hosts one of the largest North American vanadium deposits located in Nevada. Drilling in the deposits has also shown potential for zinc and silver mineralization. The Company’s 2017 Technical Report demonstrated 20m of 0.83% V205 and 32m of 0.82% V205, 0.37% Zn and 5.4 Ag g/t. Cornerstone is aiming to execute its 2nd phase drilling program to expand their deposits by Q3/2018. The Company also has the West Jerome project, which focuses on high-grade copper and zinc deposits located in Arizona.

  • Market Cap: $31.7 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 87.5%
  • YTD Total Return: 309.1%
  • 2017 Total Return: 214.3%

Forum Energy Metals Corp. (TSXV:FMC) – $0.06

Forum Energy Metals, formerly known as Forum Uranium Corp, is a Canada-based exploration company focused on acquisitions, exploration and development of uranium and copper properties. The Company has majority interest in seven uranium projects in Saskatchewan, where it aims to discover near-surface uranium and copper deposits. On June 13, Forum, as part of a 50/50% joint partnership with Golden Share Resources, said it acquired the Afton Vanadium Deposit, a vanadium deposit in western Wyoming, an area with vanadium deposits estimated at 30M tons with an average grade of 1.1%.

  • Market Cap: $3.5 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 9.1%
  • YTD Total Return: -29.4%
  • 2017 Total Return: -38.1%

CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. (CSE:CUBE) – $0.46

CellCube Energy Storage Systems, formally known as Stina Resources, aims to become North America’s first vertically-integrated producer of vanadium and vanadium electrolytes. The Company’s Bisoni-Rio asset in Nevada spans 4,100 acres of historically-explored land. On June 7, the Company completed its acquisition of Jet Power and Control Systems, a manufacturer of power control systems for US$1.6M.

  • Market Cap: $60.7 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: -27.8%
  • YTD Total Return: 127.5%
  • 2017 Total Return: 100.0%

Sparton Resources Inc. (TSXV:SRI) – $0.07

Sparton Resources is a Canada-based minerals exploration and development company with interests in vanadium battery production. Currently, Sparton aims to develop its vanadium property in Jiangxi, China. Alongside its property, Spartan also has an 18% interest in Pu Neng Energy. Pu Neng develops a variety of vanadium flow batteries, some of which can store electricity at a megawatt scale.

  • Market Cap: $8 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: -7.1%
  • YTD Total Return: -38.1%
  • 2017 Total Return: 50.0%

Western Uranium Corp. (CSE:WUC) – $0.91

Western Uranium is a Canada-based company focusing on the acquisition and development of uranium and vanadium projects in the U.S. The Company has approximately 35M lbs of vanadium graded between 1.4-2%, making it the second largest holder of vanadium resources in the U.S. Western Uranium uses ablation technology in its mining processes, leading to lower transportation and power costs as well as increasing recovery rates. The Company has stakes in nine uranium projects in Utah and Colorado, three of which contain vanadium.

  • Market Cap: $19.5 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 35.8%
  • YTD Total Return: -9.0%
  • 2017 Total Return: -41.2%

Namibia Critical Metals Inc. (TSXV:NMI) – $0.32

Namibia Critical Metals is a Canada-based company with a diversified portfolio of exploration projects in Namibia. The Company has 95% interest in six projects, which are focused on a large variety of metals including vanadium. The Grootfontein project is the Company’s second-largest project by area (1,638 km2) and is currently under development, with a focus on the extraction of nickel, zinc and vanadium. The Company has two exclusive prospecting licenses with one current pending grant for their vanadium project.

  • Market Cap: $63.1 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 14.3%
  • YTD Total Return: 700.0%
  • 2017 Total Return: -20.0%

Disclosure: Neither the author nor his family own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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