5 Vanadium Stocks to Play This Stealth Market Rally

    The vanadium stocks on our list should continue to benefit from the battery metals boom

    SmallCapPower | April 26, 2018: While it hasn’t received as much coverage as lithium and cobalt, the price of vanadium has seen a significant increase, surging 459% since the start of 2016, compared to cobalt’s gain of 277%. Vanadium is generally used in steel alloys, but also has significant applications as a battery metal, with vanadium-based batteries having longer lifetimes, lower heat levels, and no risk of combustion. The Canada-listed vanadium stocks on our list today would likely benefit from a continued rally in the vanadium price.

    Largo Resources Ltd. (TSX:LGO) – $1.72

    Largo Resources is a Canada-based pure vanadium producer operating its Macaras Menchen Mine in Bahia, Brazil. The Macaras Menchen mine is an open-pit mine that began production in August 2014, hosting 19.0Mt grading 1.1% V2O5. The mine is guided to produce 8,950 – 9,950t of V2O5, in both high purity flakes/powder and regular flakes. The Company has a 100% offtake agreement with Glencore (LSE:GLEN).

    • Market Cap: $891.4 Million
    • 1 Month Total Return: 28.4%
    • YTD Total Return: 29.3%
    • 2017 Total Return: 171.4%

    Stina Resources Ltd. (CSE:SQA) – $0.70

    Stina Resources aims to become North America’s first vertically-integrated producer of vanadium and vanadium electrolytes. The Company’s Bisoni-Rio asset in Nevada spans 4,100 acres of historically-explored land. On March 15, the Company acquired Jet Power and Control Systems, a manufacturer of power control systems for US$1.6M.

    • Market Cap: $79.0 Million
    • 1 Month Total Return: 32.1%
    • YTD Total Return: 250.0%
    • 2017 Total Return: 100.0%

    Vanadiumcorp Resource (TSXV:VRB) – $0.10

    Vanadiumcorp Resource is a mining and exploration company with several properties in Canada. The Company’s flagship asset, the Lac Doré Vanadium project located near Chibougamau, Quebec, hosts 282,000t V2O5 grading 1.1% V2O5. The Company’s Iron-T Fe-Ti-V project, located 350km west of Lac Dorém hots 14Mt Inferred at 0.4% V2O5. VRB also partners with tech companies to develop improved processing and holds royalties in Glencore’s (LSE:GLEN) Raglan nickel mine.

    • Market Cap: $24.1 Million
    • 1 Month Total Return: -9.1%
    • YTD Total Return: -9.1%
    • 2017 Total Return: 57.1%

    Sparton Resources Inc. (TSXV:SRI) – $0.08

    Sparton Resources is a Canada-based minerals exploration and development company with interests in vanadium battery production. Currently, Sparton aims to develop its vanadium property in Jiangxi, China. Alongside its property, Spartan also has an 18% interest in Pu Neng Energy. Pu Neng develops a variety of vanadium flow batteries, some of which can store electricity at a megawatt scale.

    • Market Cap: $9.1 Million
    • 1 Month Total Return: 0.0%
    • YTD Total Return: -28.6%
    • 2017 Total Return: 50.0%

    Berkwood Resources Ltd. (TSXV:BKR) – $0.15
    Graphite & Vanadium

    Berkwood Resources is an exploration-stage company. The Company’s ~100%-owned Lac Gueret Extensions Project covers an area of ~8,060 hectares consisting of over 150 claims in two blocks. The Company aims to continue its drilling campaign in the area, having recently its Phase 3 definition drilling. Additionally, Berkwood owns the Roscoe Vanadium Property, which is also located in the Cote Nord area in Quebec and comprises ~2,200 hectares.

    • Market Cap: $5.9 Million
    • 1 Month Total Return: -25.0%
    • YTD Total Return: -55.9%
    • 2017 Total Return: -40.9%

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