4 Cannabis Stocks with Notable Revenue Growth

The cannabis stocks we’ve dug up have all displayed positive quarter-over-quarter revenue growth

SmallCapPower | January 25, 2019: The companies we have selected today have proven to be key players in the marijuana industry. Seizing the countless opportunities the cannabis market has to offer, the four cannabis stocks on our list have reported strong quarter-over-quarter revenue growth as of the three months ended September 30, 2018.

*Share prices as at close January 23, 2019, all data obtained from S&P Capital IQ

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CannTrust Holdings Inc. (TSX:TRST) – $8.75

CannTrust Holdings is a producer and distributor of pharmaceutical medical cannabis and related products. With the help of healthcare practitioners, the Company sells dried cannabis and oil extractions to clients. Incorporated in 2015, the Company currently has a 60,000 sq. ft. facility that produces 3,600 kg of cannabis annually. With goals to expand in 2019, CannTrust plans to build a 450,000 sq. ft. facility in the Niagara Region. On January 8, CannTrust announced its application to list on the NYSE.

  • Market Cap: $907.3 Million
  • 1-Week Total Return: +2.6%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +31.0 %
  • QoQ Revenue Growth: +197.8%

Cresco Labs Inc. (CSE:CL) – $8.67

Cresco Labs is a vertically-integrated company that engages in the cultivation, manufacturing, and retail of cannabis and related products. The Company’s leading brands include Mindy’s Edibles, Reserve Premium Cannabis, and Remedi Medical. The Company has locations across six states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and hopes to begin operations in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts in 2019. On December 20, Cresco announced it had acquired MedMar Rockford and MedMar Lakeview, two licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.

  • Market Cap: $198.5 million
  • 7-Day Total Return: -3.1%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +17.3 %
  • QoQ Revenue Growth: +48.1%

MedMen Enterprises Inc. (CSE:MMEN) – $4.05

MedMen Enterprises is a U.S.-based, vertically-integrated cannabis company. MedMen has 18 facilities that manufactures and distributes its products in New York, California, and Nevada. In 2018, the Company completed several acquisitions, including the acquisition of Treadwell Simpson Partnership and affiliates, and PharmaCann. On January 23, Halo Labs Inc. (OTC:AGEEF) announced the launch of its new product, DabTabs. Halo said it will partner with MedMen to merchandise and sell its product in all MedMen’s dispensaries in California and Nevada.

  • Market Cap: $1.88 Billion
  • 1-Week Total Return: -3.8%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +11.3%
  • QoQ Revenue Growth: +39.1%

Origin House (CSE:OH) – $8.15

Origin House is a private equity firm that engages in acquisitions and investments in the cannabis industry. The Company focuses its efforts on intellectual property, research, products, and brands, and takes majority stakes in companies within the U.S. and Canadian markets. On January 22, the Company announced the close of its sale of Bodhi Research outstanding common stock, resulting in $1.74 million in proceeds. On January 24, Origin House was ranked second on the 2019 OTCQX® Best 50 as a top-performing cannabis company.

  • Market Cap: $492.6 Million
  • 1-Week Total Return: +3.0%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +47.4%
  • QoQ Revenue Growth: +88.7%

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