Find The Best Canadian Marijuana Stocks or Pot Stock to Invest In

Canada’s Liberal government has paved the way for recreational use in the near future, boosting the value of marijuana stocks or “pot stock”.

Below you will find ten of the best marijuana stocks covered by our analysts.

The medical marijuana industry has taken off in Canada; companies and investors alike want a piece of the action of this industry that could expand quickly to $5 billion annually. SmallCapPower identifies the best Marijuana Stocks that could see new highs from this budding industry.

The ‘pot stock’ boom was sparked by a decision by Canadian regulators to allow licensed producers to grow medical marijuana on a commercial basis beginning on April 1, 2014. On that day, Health Canada said the 40,000 Canadians currently licensed to grow their own medical marijuana will have to dispose of their present stash and get future medicine from commercial growers.

Today, Canada’s Liberal government has paved the way for recreational use , boosting the value of these marijuana stocks or “pot stock”.

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Win Big With Our Small Cap Picks

SmallCapPower | June 1, 2017: Investing in Canadian marijuana stocks two years ago and holding them to today would have been a dream for most investors, as Canadian marijuana stocks skyrocketed due favourable news such as plans for recreational legalization in Canada. Buying Canadian marijuana stocks today can still provide benefit to investors as the potential $22.6 billion industry is still in its early stages. Investors should still be weary, however, as there is still a great amount of uncertainty surrounding Canadian marijuana stocks, which are discussed in detail in our marijuana report. Furthermore, stocks in the industry are valued at insane multiples, which could come down to reality if uncertainties aren’t cleared in the favour of Canadian marijuana companies. If you’re in the market for big potential returns, and have an appetite for risk, then it’s worthwhile to check out our top 10 Canadian marijuana stock picks, in no particular order.

1. Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED)

Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc., is a diversified cannabis company. The Company, through its subsidiaries Tweed Inc. (Tweed), Bedrocan Canada Inc. (Bedrocan) and Tweed Farms Inc. (Tweed Farms), is engaged in the business of producing and selling legal marijuana in the Canadian medical market. It is also focusing on producing and selling marijuana in the recreational market in Canada. Its core brands are Tweed and Bedrocan. Tweed is a licensed producer of medical marijuana. Tweed’s commercial license covers approximately 168,000 square feet of its Smiths Falls facility and allows Tweed to produce and sell approximately 3,540 kilograms of medical marijuana per year. Tweed’s built-out production capacity is over 10 climate controlled indoor growing rooms.

Market Cap: $1,264,510,552

2. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSXV: ACB)

Aurora Cannabis Inc, formerly Prescient Mining Corp, is a Canada-based company, which is in the business of producing and distributing medical marijuana pursuant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The Company’s primary business consists of the sale of dried medical cannabis. The Company’s principal market is patients who use medical cannabis in Canada. It operates under the following segments: the production and sale of medical cannabis, as well as patient counseling and outreach services. The Company sells dried medical cannabis by direct delivery to patients through physical delivery services, as well as ordering services through the phone and the Company’s online shop and mobile application.

Market Cap: $810,080,505

3. Aphria Inc. (TSX: APH)

Aphria Inc., formerly Black Sparrow Capital Corp., is a Canada-based company, which is engaged in producing and selling medical marijuana through retail sales and wholesale channels. The Company’s retail sales are sold primarily through the Company’s online store, as well as telephone orders. Its wholesale shipments are sold to other Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) Licensed Producers. It offers medical cannabis of various strains, including Kusawa, Tamaracouta, Panache, Churchill and Iroquois. The Company is also engaged in the research and development, and commercial production of cannabis oil.

Market Cap: $746,225,488

4. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CSE: SL)

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a Canada-based development-stage company focused on developing businesses in the cannabis market, with a specific focus on the wholesale sector of the medical cannabis market in Canada. The Company operates an approximately 342,000 square foot greenhouse facility located in Kincardine, Ontario.

Market Cap: $215,086,907

5. OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (TSXV: OGI)

OrganiGram Holdings Inc., formerly Inform Exploration Corp., is a Canada-based company, which operates through its subsidiary Organigram Inc. Organigram Inc. is a licensed medical marijuana producer as regulated by Health Canada under the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) of the Government of Canada.

Market Cap: $253,322,569

6. CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: CMED)

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc is a Canada-based plant biopharmaceutical company. It specializes in the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and offers a range of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products. In addition, the Company has a plant biotechnology research and product development program focused on the production of plant-based materials for pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental applications. The Company, through its subsidiary CanniMed Ltd, offers medical cannabis oils, dried medical cannabis, vaporizers, vaporizer parts and accessories. Its CanniMed Oils are made using only dried cannabis flowers. Its vaporizers include Arizer Air vaporizer and Volcano Medic vaporizer.

Market Cap: $198,459,143

7. Cronos Group Inc. (TSXV: MJN)

Cronos Group Inc, formerly PharmaCan Capital Corp, is a Canada-based cannabis company that operates two Licensed Producers (LPs) regulated within Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the ACMPR) and holds a portfolio of investments in other Licensed Producers and ACMPR applicants. Its LPs, Peace Naturals Project Inc. and In The Zone Produce Ltd., are collectively located on over 125 acres of agricultural land. It also holds equity positions in Licensed Producers Whistler Medical Marijuana, Hydropothecary and Abcann Medicinals. Whistler Medical Marijuana is licensed to produce and sell medical marijuana, as well as cultivate cannabis oil. Hydropothecary is licensed to produce medical marijuana. With interest in five Licensed Producers and two LP applicants, it is focused on building brand portfolio providing patients with personalized care.

Market Cap: $310,489,976

8. Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. (TSXV: EMH)

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc., formerly T-Bird Pharma Inc., is a Canada-based company, which through its subsidiary, Emerald Health Botanicals Inc. (Botanicals), is engaged in the production and sale of medical marihuana. Botanicals produces cannabis oils and capsules. The Company purchases additional strains of dried medical marijuana.

Market Cap: $110,796,506

9. Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (TSXV: MGW)

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (Maple Leaf) is focused on eco-agriculture and renewable energy in the environmental industry. The Company is seeking opportunities to obtain a Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (MMPR) License from Health Canada and medical marijuana business in the State of California, the United States. The Company operates through the eco-agriculture segment. Maple Leaf, along with its subsidiary, is engaged in exploring opportunities for its eco-agriculture nursery business, including medical marijuana in Canada and the United States, and its renewable energy business in China. The Company has not generated any revenues.

Market Cap: $72,506,458

10. THC Biomed Intl Inc. (CSE: THC)

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. is a development-stage company engaged in the business of scientific research and development, and cultivation of medical marijuana in Canada. The Company produces medical marijuana, cannabis oil and cannabis resin. The Company intends to cultivate medical marijuana and conduct scientific research and development in order to offer products and services through two revenue streams: medical marijuana sales to other Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) licensed producers, and products and services related to medical marijuana. It provides a range of services, including consulting, quality assurance training, horticulture training, simulated inspections, record keeping/documenting, physical security plans and analytical services. Its consulting service assists in finding solutions to MMPR related questions. Its horticulture training service provides education in botany basics, plant identification, soil science and nursery techniques.

Market Cap: $55,415,228


11. Newstrike Resources (TSXV: HIP)

Newstrike is a licensed producer of medical cannabis through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hemisphere Pharmaceuticals. Hemisphere Pharmaceuticals received its cultivation license on December 19th, 2016 and is based in Brantford, Ontario. Newstrike intends to develop a diverse network of high-quality cannabis brands that addresses the needs of medical clients and eventually, as the law allows, adult consumers.

Market Cap: $49,181,368

Disclosure: Neither the author nor any of the principals at Small Cap Power, or their family members, own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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