4 Lesser-Known Cannabis Stocks with the Biggest Weekly Gains

The lesser-known, Canada-listed cannabis stocks on our list have made huge gains in the past week as legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada looms

SmallCapPower | August 27, 2018: With the legalization date for the recreational sale of cannabis set for October in Canada many cannabis stocks saw significant price moves in the past week. This past week Diageo, a U.K. spirits maker, was in talks with three cannabis producers. On the back of this information, big players such as Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) saw its share price jump 33%, driving significant sector returns. Today we have weeded out four-lesser known Canada-listed cannabis stocks with market capitalization under $500 million that saw average returns of at least 30% in the past five trading days.

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LGC Capital Ltd. ( TSXV :LG) – $ 0.195

LGC Capital is a Canada-based company that invests in emerging cannabis companies as it seeks to capitalize on the global cannabis market. Currently, the Company has made significant investments in cultivation companies within Canada, Tricho-Med Corporation, and Australia, Little Green Pharma, with active pursuits also involving opportunities in southern Africa and Jamaica. On August 23, 2018, LGC announced that Little Green Pharma became the first Australian company authorized to sell locally- grown medicinal cannabis products.

  • Market Cap: $ 69.8 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return : 63%
  • Average Daily Volume – 10 Days : 1.1 Million

Emblem Corp. ( TSXV :EMC) – $1.54

Emblem is a licensed producer of medical marijuana under the ACMPR. The Company, led by former healthcare & pharma executives, currently produces 2,000 kg/yr of dried cannabis and plans to add a further 15,000 kg/yr by Q1/2019. On June 20, 2018, Emblem announced the formation of a joint venture with German pharmaceutical wholesaler Ancos Pharma GmbH under the name “Emblem Germany,” allowing the Company to export cannabis products into Germany. Under this agreement Emblem would hold 60% ownership of Emblem Germany and Acnos would own the remaining 40%.

  • Market Cap: $185.2 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return : 32%
  • Average Daily Volume – 10 Days : 0.8 Million

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. ( CSE :GLH) – $ 0.29

Golden Leaf Holdings is a cannabis company based in Portland, Oregon that is one of the largest cannabis oil and products providers in North America. Currently, Golden Leaf holds three manufacturing licenses in three states: Nevada, Oregon, and California. On August 13, 2018, the Company agreed to purchase the assets of Tahoe Hydroponics Company along with its 28,800 sq. ft. cultivation facility that currently under development.

  • Market Cap: $ 167.9 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return : 35%
  • Average Daily Volume – 10 Days : 2.2 Million

Ascent Industries Corp. ( CSE :ASNT) – $ 0.51

Ascent Industries is a Canadian cannabis company focused on producing and distributing cannabis products to Canada, Oregon, and Nevada. The Company currently has three production facilities in British Columbia: Agrima Botanicals, Agrima Labs, and Agrima Meadows. On June 11, 2018, Ascent Industries formed a strategic partnership with Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) to supply ACB with 20,000 kg of dried cannabis per year.

  • Market Cap: $ 128.9 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return : 31%
  • Average Daily Volume – 10 Days : 1.5 Million

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