4 Canadian Cannabis Stocks That Are Early Brand Leaders

The Canadian cannabis stocks we’ve discovered all recognize the importance of premium branding and have made significant progress towards building lasting and trusted brands

SmallCapPower | September 7, 2018: In a highly-competitive environment cannabis companies, such as the Canadian cannabis stocks on our list today, with strong brand differentiation and customer loyalty should command greater pricing power, which should generate higher margins and returns for shareholders. Given the bullish state of Canadian marijuana stocks, the industry is likely to see further consolidation, following the acquisition of Hiku Brands by Canopy Growth, as companies seek to expand their brand portfolios.

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Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED) – $68.47

Following the closing of the acquisition of Hiku Brands by Canopy, the Company has expanded its portfolio to include the DOJA, Tokyo Smokes, Maitri, and Van der Pop brands, complementing its existing Tweed and Vert brands. After an additional investment by Constellation Brands Inc. (NYSE:STZ), the Company’s stock price has more than doubled in the past month and fared even better YTD.

  • Market Cap: $15.1 Billion
  • 1 Month Total Return: 102.3%
  • YTD Total Return: 130.2%

Newstrike Brands Ltd. (TSXV:HIP) – $0.71

Newstrike Brands, through its subsidiary Up Cannabis, focuses on producing premium quality cannabis and related products, with the stated goal of generating high levels of recognition and preference from the Canadian consumer. To date, the Company has strengthened its brand recognition by partnering with iconic Canadian rock group The Tragically Hip. The Company operates a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Niagara, with planned production capacity to exceed 25,000kg by 2019.

  • Market Cap: $394.2 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 54.6%
  • YTD Total Return: 33.9%

Eve & Co Inc. (TSXV:EVE) – $0.41

Operating through its Natural MedCo Ltd subsidiary, Eve & Co is a premium female-focused brand with a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in southwestern Ontario. The Company provides educational and online support for its customers to destigmatize cannabis use among women. The Company’s brand centers around female empowerment and leadership and is Canada’s first female-founded licensed producer. Eve & Co has also secured a supply agreement with Ontario Cannabis Store. Eve & Co’s share price has more than doubled in the last month.

  • Market Cap: $85.5 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 171.0%
  • YTD Total Return: 44.8%

Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. (CSE:CNNX, OTCQB:CNNFX) – $0.92

Cannex Capital Holdings employs a strategy of developing a quality portfolio of cash-flow positive cannabis assets with an emphasis on customer experience and premium brands. The Company provides real estate, management, financial, and IP services to licensed cannabis businesses primarily in the U.S. The Company’s Washington state subsidiary, BrightLeaf, holds an extensive portfolio of some of the state’s best-selling brands in edibles, flower, and concentrate products. The Company’s stock price has more than doubled YTD. Through its acquisition of Jetty Extracts, Cannex will gain exposure to the world’s largest cannabis market in California.

  • Market Cap: $80.2 Million
  • 1 Month Total Return: 10.2%
  • YTD Total Return: 169.1%

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