VSBLTY Provides AI Powered Audience Measurement, Security

Our holy trinity is interactive digital display, data collection using camera and touch technology, says VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp (CSE:VSBY) CEO Jay Hutton

In this interview at the Gravitas Securities 2019 Growth Conference in Vancouver, SmallCapPower spoke with Jay Hutton, CEO of VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp (CSE:VSBY), which is a SaaS company that provides consumer insights to advertisers for the purpose of driving sales. Jay Hutton explains the Company’s AI platform can interpret real time scenes by recognizing sentiments, age range, gender, and also determine if the display of an ad resulted in a purchase. An additional utility of VSBLTY’s AI-powered retail software is Vector that can recognize objects that threaten safety and can monitor shoplifting in retail locations without the need to screen multiple security cameras.

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