Crypto Credit Card to Capture Next Wave of Crypto Adopters: NetCents Technology CRO

“NetCents card works real time like a Visa debit card, opening users to 40 million merchants worldwide,” says NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE:NC) CRO

At the Cambridge House Extraordinary Future 2018 conference, SmallCapPower spoke to Jenn Lowther, Chief Revenue Officer at NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE:NC), about their focus on “enabling the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method.” NetCents has positioned itself as a next-generation eWallet, crypto exchange, and payment processor. They have introduced a cryptocurrency credit card that is linked to the NetCents wallet, allowing users to spend their digital currency at regular merchants. According to Jenn Lowther, NetCents is focused on an immediate two-pronged goal of user acquisition and merchant adoption.

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