Indrocorp InDro Robotics Subsidiary is Canada’s Premier Drone Company: VP

Our target is to go public in February 2019, says Indrocorp Vice President Tom Vogler

At the Cambridge House Extraordinary Future 2018 conference, SmallCapPower spoke with Tom Vogler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Indrocorp, which he describes as a consortium of companies in the business of aerial data collection. Indrocorp’s subsidiary, Stratocom, uses aircrafts with patent-pending equipment to read meters of natural gas, water and electrical utilities, helping save money while improving accuracy. Their other division, InDro Robotics, is a drone company that serves the oil and gas and agriculture sector along with helping first responders with search and rescue missions. According to Mr. Vogler, InDro Robotics is a leader in the drone space in Canada.

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