Organic Garage Has an Appetizing Growth Rate: Capital Ideas TV

Capital Ideas publisher Mark Bunting speaks with Organic Garage Ltd. (TSXV:OG) founder and CEO Matt Lurie

SmallCapPower partner Capital Ideas presents a special segment of Capital Ideas TV. In this episode, Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Organic Garage Ltd. (TSXV:OG) founder and CEO Matt Lurie at the Company’s newly-opened store in the densely populated, high traffic and millennial heavy Liberty Village in Toronto. Organic Garage’s expansion plan is on track with Q2 sales rising 28% thanks to new store openings with more on the way. Big food retailers are eyeing the organic sector as evidenced by’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods and Sobeys takeout of Farm Boy for $800 million. What would Organic Garage be worth in a takeover scenario?

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