Canadian Blockchain Stocks with Potential First Mover Advantage

The Canadian Blockchain stocks on our list have entered the industry with unique and potentially significant Blockchain applications

SmallCapPower | December 18, 2017: Blockchain technology is a digitized and decentralized public ledger that can be used to store a variety of information. While the Blockchain’s applications for cryptocurrencies and payment technologies continue to grab headlines, the unique technology has significant potential for a variety of industries. Today, we’ve discovered four Canadian Blockchain stocks that have developed unique applications for the technology, positioning themselves with first mover advantage. Furthermore, three of the four stocks listed have announced or closed financings over the past couple of months.

Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DM) – $0.34

Datametrex AI provides cloud-based data solutions to big data clients in the retail sector. The Company announced plans to incorporate Blockchain technology into its current software to further authenticate and validate the data collected.

  • Market Cap: $55 Million
  • 90 Day Return: 450.0%
  • Month over Month Return: 66.7%
  • Recent Financing: $5 Million (Nov 1)

Victory Square Technologies Inc. (CSE:VST) – $3.04
Investment Management

Victory Square operates as a venture fund that invests in an array of technologies including Blockchain, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and gaming. The Company acts as an incubator for new technologies, giving subsidiaries and partners access to distribution partners, workspaces, resources and operational support.

  • Market Cap: $190 Million
  • 90 Day Return: 243.1%
  • Month over Month Return: 71.6%
  • Recent Financing: $5 Million (Nov 23)

Leonovus Inc. (TSXV:LTV) – $0.42
Online Services

Leonovus provides data storage and security solutions to a variety of clients. The Company leverages Blockchain technology to mitigate tampering and fraud for improved security and encryption.

  • Market Cap: $100 Million
  • 90 Day Return: 186.2%
  • Month over Month Return: -15.3%
  • Recent Financing: $12 Million (Nov 2)

Novateqni Corp. (TSXV:NTQ) – $0.24
Electronic Equipment & Parts

Novateqni provides solutions for voter registration, voter validation, biometrics and financial transactions. The Company recently announced the successful incorporation of Blockchain technology onto its census data devices. In addition, efforts to implement Blockchain technology onto its existing biometrics software are ongoing.

  • Market Cap: $8 Million
  • 90 Day Return: 17.5%
  • Month over Month Return: 23.7%
  • Recent Financing:  N/A

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