Next Big Investment Idea: Pre-Listing Webinar Presentation by Specialty Liquid Transportation (SLT)

Every so often, a company creates a technology or product that when you first hear of it, it may seem obvious but in reality, turns out to be a game-changer in its industry

SmallCapPower | June 12, 2018: Specialty Liquid Transportation (soon to IPO) are on to something and are relied upon by companies such as Coca-Cola, Maersk, DHL, Exxon Mobil, DOW and many more for their SLT LIQUIRIDE/ Big Red Flextanks products.

This Company may be onto something big and we invite investors to hear from the management directly and get in before everyone else does!

Specialty Liquid Transportation (SLT) is a private company based out of B.C. and is a leading global packaging company, providing innovative packaging solutions for the transport/storage of bulk non-hazardous liquids.

Revenue: US$17.6 million (unaudited)

The Company acquired the wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Packaging Technologies in the U.S. and proposed to RTO – Blue Bay Capital (BLUE.P) as its qualifying transaction for purposes of going public. And, this is our next big investment idea. We urge our readers to sign up for the webinar and hear directly from the management team at Specialty Liquid Transportation.

PRODUCT: SLT LIQUIRIDE™ / Big Red Flexitanks enable producers of many different (non-hazardous) liquids to ship anywhere in the world in bulk via rail, road, and sea. SLT Products have proven to cut shipping and logistics cost by as much as 40%, thus improving a company’s bottom line.

  • Full Logistics Services

SLT’s mission is to provide safe, quality products that help our customers reduce shipping costs and increase efficiencies. With a global network of offices and agents, SLT will be capable of responding to clients’ needs in most parts of the world.

Basically, they help Fortune 500 companies (that are super conscious of the bottom line) to save money. So, you can imagine why their patent-protected technology might be preferred by their clients such as Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, DOW and many more.

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