Small Cap Stocks with Superior Price, Revenue Growth

The small cap stocks we have uncovered have generated 100%+ revenue growth during the past five years

SmallCapPower | July 6, 2018: Companies that have seen consistent revenue growth over five years demonstrate an ability to sustain growth. Historical revenue growth could be an indicator for potential higher revenues and returns in the future. The companies on our list today have seen revenue growth as high as 216% with average growth of 140%, outperforming their Canadian peers, which have returned a median of 9%.

American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP (TSX:HOT.UN) – $8.41
Specialized REITs

American Hotel Income Properties REIT is a Canada-based trust that focuses on hotel assets, primarily across the United States. AHIP’s portfolio comprises a total of 11,570 hotel rooms across 113 properties, including 41 restaurants.

  • Market Cap: $656.5 Million
  • 5 Year Revenue Growth: 215.91%
  • Current Revenue: $ 382.0 Million
  • 3 Year Revenue Average: $ 183.3 Million
  • YTD Return: -5.4%
  • 5 Year Return: 31.7%

Questor Technology Inc. (TSXV:QST) – $4.45
Environmental Services & Equipment

Questor Technologies manufactures clean air technology systems designed to support energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mainly within the Oil & Gas industry. In addition, the Company’s ClearPower technology allows users to cost effectively convert waste heat into power.

  • Market Cap: $116.9 Million
  • 5 Year Revenue Growth: 160.91%
  • Current Revenue: $19.5 Million
  • 3 Year Revenue Average: $ 12.2 Million
  • YTD Return: 64.8%
  • 2 Year Return: 526.8%

Baylin Technologies Inc. (TSX:BYL) – $3.28
Communications & Networking

Baylin Technologies is a Canada-based tech company focused on creating antennas for mobile, networking and wireless infrastructure industries. The Company’s mobile division produces antennas for mobile devices, which typically contain between three to seven antennas built into the handset. Its networking division creates antennas for Wi-Fi routers, home networking devices and land mobile radio products. Its wireless infrastructure division works with network carriers to produce distributed antenna systems to meet their requirements. From its production facilities in Asia, the Company produces 250M antennas per year, with the capacity to ramp up to 300M.

  • Market Cap: $101.7 Million
  • 5 Year Revenue Growth: 118.08%
  • Current Revenue: $ 91.6 Million
  • 3 Year Revenue Average: $ 52.3 Million
  • YTD Return: -4.7%
  • 2 Year Return: 64.0%

New Look Vision Group Inc. (TSX:BCI) – $33.20
Miscellaneous Specialty Retailers

New Look Vision Group is a Canada-based retailer of eye-care services and products. The Company specializes in eyeglasses, sunglasses, ophthalmic glasses and contact lenses. New Look, through its four main banners, operates over 400 eye stores across Canada.

  • Market Cap: $515.1 Million
  • 5 Year Revenue Growth: 107.28%
  • Current Revenue: $ 229.2 Million
  • 3 Year Revenue Average: $ 174.8 Million
  • YTD Return: -4.9%
  • 5 Year Return: 274.9%

Energy Fuels Inc. (TSX:EFR) – $3.13

Energy Fuels is a US-based uranium producer. The Company owns seven mines capable of operating, with a total of ~45M lbs of U308. The Company’s only operating mine, the Nichols Ranch operation, produced 250,000 lbs of U308 in 2017. Most of EFR’s mines remain on standby. The Company also operates the only conventional uranium mill in the U.S. licensed to produce 8M lbs/year of uranium.

  • Market Cap: $245.0 Million
  • 5 Year Revenue Growth: 102.48%
  • Current Revenue: $ 39.0 Million
  • 3 Year Revenue Average: $ 71.0 Million
  • YTD Return: 38.5%
  • 2 Year Return: 41.6%

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