3 Small Canadian Stocks with Big Monthly Gains

The Canadian stocks we’ve identified have all generated significant stock-price gains over the past month

SmallCapPower | January 30, 2019: Smaller companies often go unnoticed as bigger companies get most of the media attention. Nevertheless, these companies can provide significant upside for investors with a tolerance for higher levels of risk. The three small Canadian stocks on our list today generated significant stock-price gains in the past month, displaying positive momentum so far in 2019.

*Share prices as at close January 28, 2019, data obtained from S&P Capital IQ.

Nanotech Security Corp. (TSXV:NTS) – $0.62
Aerospace and Defense

Nanotech Security is a Canadian aerospace and defense company that specializes in searching, creating, and producing colour-shifting materials and nano-optic structures. The Company’s products are used for authentication and brand enhancement purposes for banknotes, commercial branding, tax stamps, secure government documents, and pharmaceutical markets. Through its nano-optic technology, the Company uses nano-indentation to impress and emboss a variety of substrate materials. For the three months ended September 2018 (Q4 2018), the Company reported revenue of $3.08 million, a significant increase from $1.93 million last quarter.

  • Market Cap: $42.6 Million
  • 1-Week Total Return: -8.8%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +16.98%

Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation (TSX:ITC) – $1.58
Systems Software

Intrinsyc Technologies engages in the development and production of embedded, mobile, and Internet of Things devices internationally. Founded in Canada, the Company operates through two segments: Services & Software and Embedded Computing Hardware. Intrinsyc also offers turnkey product design and development, certification, and testing services to equipment and device manufactures, technology providers, and more. On December 19, 2018, the Company announced it will distribute the Qualcomm Flight Pro, a product of its new client, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. The product is targeted for consumer drones and robotics applications, to support robust connectivity and advanced drone software, to create a new class of consumer drones.

  • Market Cap: $32.1 Million
  • 1-Week Total Return: +0.6%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +14.5%

Evergreen Gaming Corporation (TSXV:TNA) – $0.42
Casinos and Gaming

Evergreen Gaming is a U.S.-based company, trading on the TSXV. It operates casinos in select locations throughout Washington State, such as Tukwila, Shoreline, and Lakewood. The Company’s casino portfolio offers a variety of card games, pull tabs, and on-site restaurants. The Company reported revenue of $13.9 million for Q3 2018 (three months ended September 2018), a 16% increase from last quarter.

  • Market Cap: $52.4 Million
  • 1-Week Total Return: +5.0%
  • 1-Month Total Return: +61.5%

Disclosure: Neither the author nor his family own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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