Jayant Bhandari Doubles Down on His Contrarian Outlook for India’s Economy

Anarcho Capital’s Jayant Bhandari on why he thinks India is not the fastest-growing large economy

Jayant Bhandari has never shied away from controversy. SmallCapPower’s viewers may remember his comments in our previous interview where he claimed many Indians who graduated from university could not even “write their own names”. Catching up with us again at PDAC 2017, the analyst at Anarcho Capital Inc. rebuts the overwhelming number of negative YouTube comments his interview received, saying “I’m increasingly more pessimistic about India when I see so-called educated people responding and contradicting me with curse words, not facts.” He continues to offer further evidence to support his position that India’s economy will not grow as fast as other experts predict, pointing to the country’s monetary policy, strong nationalistic tendencies and clumsy political leadership, while expressing his frustration for the country in which he was born and raised. Nonetheless, he feels that there is one thing Indians could do to better their economic future – find out what it is in our interview.