3 Canadian Small Caps with the Best Earnings Growth Over 5 Years

The Canadian small caps on our list have grown Earnings Per Share (EPS) at a superior rate compared with the average North American stock

SmallCapPower | January 15, 2018: Today, we have identified three Canadian small caps from a wide range of fields where their Earnings Per Share (EPS) over the past five years have grown significantly. The average TSX-listed company grew earnings 28.5% during the past five years, while the rate on the NYSE was 51.1% over the same period.

Nanotech Security Corp. (TSXV:NTS) – $1.37
Communications & Networking

Nanotech Security is a Canada-based tech company. The Company sells two bill authentication technologies to avoid counterfeiting. Its KolourOptik technology is a nanoscale hole stamp that creates a holographic-like image. As well, their optical thin film filters light to shift color at different angles.

  • Market Cap: $93.5 Million
  • 52 Week Total Return: -5.5%
  • EPS IBES Actual 5 Year Historical Growth: 194.1%

Badger Daylighting Ltd. (TSX:BAD) – $26.18
Construction & Engineering

Badger Daylighting is a construction company. The Company offers hydro-excavation services, using high pressure water to loosen debris and ground, while vacuuming that water for later disposal. BAD operates in six provinces in Canada and 41 states in the US.

  • Market Cap: $971.3 Million
  • 52 Week Total Return: -15.9%
  • EPS IBES Actual 5 Year Historical Growth: 191.0%

Timbercreek Financial Corp. (TSX:TF) – $9.60
Financial Services

Founded in 1999, Timbercreek Financial is a Canada-based real estate lender and investor. The Company’s strategy focuses on investing in real estate directly, through mortgages, and in publicly-traded companies that own real estate. With over 18 offices, Timbercreek employs over 500 people and manages $6 billion in assets.

  • Market Cap: $712.7 Million
  • 52 Week Total Return: 17.9%
  • EPS IBES Actual 5 Year Historical Growth: 162.6%

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