4 Canadian Cybersecurity Stocks That Could Get a Big Demand Boost

Investors could lock in some nice gains with the Canadian cybersecurity stocks on our list, given the importance of IT in business, government, and everyday life

SmallCapPower | May 17, 2017: Recent ‘ransomware’ cyberattacks hit companies and governments throughout the world. Reports suggest that there were 200,000 victims across 150 countries, including railway stations, mail delivery systems, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, and government services. As Information Technology (IT) continues to grow in importance, so will cybersecurity. The Canadian cybersecurity stocks on our list should all benefit from this increase in demand.

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Absolute Software Corp. (TSX: ABT) – $7.41
IT Services & Consulting

Absolute Software Corporation is engaged in the development, marketing and support of endpoint security and data risk management solutions to commercial, healthcare, education and government customers. The Company offers solutions for devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Company’s solutions are delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) business model. The Company’s solutions and technology include Absolute Data and Device Security (Absolute DDS), which enables customers to secure endpoints, asses risk and respond to security threats; Persistence Technology, and Persistence Services. The Company’s Absolute DDS enables customers to monitor the security posture of their computing endpoints and respond to security threats.

  • Market Cap: $293,347,932
  • Total Revenue (LTM): $114,754,314
  • Debt to Equity: 0.0%
  • YTD Price Change: 16.1%

Destiny Media Technologies Inc. (TSXV: DSY) – $0.30
IT Services & Consulting

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. develops and markets services that enable the secure distribution of digital media content over the Internet. The Company’s services are based around security, watermarking and instant play streaming media technologies. The Company’s products and services include Clipstream Online Video Platform (OVP), Clipstream Online Video Platform and Play MPE. The Clipstream Online Video Platform is a self-service system for encoding, hosting and reporting on video playback, which can be embedded in third-party Websites or e-mails.

  • Market Cap: $16,229,092
  • Total Revenue (LTM): $4,373,866
  • Debt to Equity: 0.0%
  • YTD Price Change: 34.1%

Pivot Technology Solutions Inc. (TSX: PTG) – $1.78
IT Services & Consulting

Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. focuses on the strategy to acquire and integrate technology solution providers, primarily in North America. The businesses acquired by the Company designs, sells and supports integrated computer hardware, software and networking products for business database, network and network security systems. The Company primarily serves customers throughout the United States. The Company, together with its portfolio companies and partners, delivers solutions that enable organizations to design, build, implement and maintain computing and communication infrastructure that addresses their business needs.

  • Market Cap: $73,980,861
  • Total Revenue (LTM): $1,975,339,463
  • Debt to Equity: 618.4%
  • YTD Price Change: 4.1%

VirtualArmour International Inc. (CSE: VAI) – $0.30
IT Services & Consulting

VirtualArmour International Inc. focuses on handling the design, configuration, and installation of advanced network, cybersecurity and cloud architecture solutions, and serves as an ongoing resource for its clients. The Company supports the three main facets of its business: hardware sales, professional services, and managed services. The Company has two subsidiaries: VirtualArmour Capital Inc. (VirtualArmour Capital) and VirtualArmour, LLC (VirtualArmour Colorado). The VirtualArmour Colorado is an information technology company. VirtualArmour Colorado is a provider of managed and professional services for customers requiring cloud, networking, and cybersecurity solutions.

  • Market Cap: $16,730,834
  • Total Revenue (LTM): 8,897,092
  • Debt to Equity: NA
  • YTD Price Change: -10.4%

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