5 Canadian Blockchain Stocks Making the Biggest Comebacks

The Canadian Blockchain stocks on our list today have posted strong returns over the past week as many cryptocurrency prices have rebounded

SmallCapPower | April 17, 2018: Last Thursday, cryptocurrency prices spiked, with Bitcoin and Ethereum both climbing 13%. Significant returns have also been seen in a number of Canadian Blockchain stocks, as can be seen on our list today. In general, their stock prices are a long way from their 52-week highs, yet continued cryptocurrency momentum could lift their stock prices even higher.

NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE:NC) – $2.60
Business Support Services & Blockchain

NetCents offers users a secure online payment processing platform that enables a variety of cryptocurrency payments. The Company’s payment platform leverages Blockchain technologies for further security along with Artificial Intelligence for quicker transaction processing. The Company’s NetCents Coin offers a treasury reserve account-backed cryptocurrency, now available through the Company’s website.

  • Market Cap: $106.4 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 165.3%
  • 1 Month Total Return: 122.2%
  • YTD Total Return: 0.0%

BTL Group Ltd. (TSXV:BTL) – $7.65
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Services & Consulting

BTL Group offers a variety of Blockchain solutions to clients, primarily through Interbit. Interbit is a Blockchain development platform that allows users to develop Blockchain capabilities for enterprise applications, allowing for secure information transfer. The Company also has a Blockchain-based payments platform called Xapcash. The interbank settlement solution successfully served as proof of concept, giving banks a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of Blockchain technology. BTL recently worked in collaboration with Visa (NYSE:V) to develop a cross-border settlement platform.

  • Market Cap: $175.5 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 61.4%
  • 1 Month Total Return: 14.0%
  • YTD Total Return: -40.7%

360 Blockchain Inc. (CSE:CODE) – $0.12
Investment Management & Blockchain

360 Blockchain looks for early-stage investment opportunities in the Blockchain space. The Company focuses on investments with Blockchain applications in e-sports, human resources, Internet of Things, and consumer loyalty programs. On January 17, CODE completed its acquisition of SV Crytolab, a Blockchain enthusiasts meeting location and cryptocurrency mining site.

  • Market Cap: $17.7 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 35.3%
  • 1 Month Total Return: -4.2%
  • YTD Total Return: -54.9%

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (TSXV:DMGI) – $0.68
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

DMG Blockchain Solutions provides third parties servers for cryptocurrency mining. The Company is constructing an 85MW mining facility, expected to be one of the largest in North America. DMG also provides consulting services, using proprietary software tools for Blockchain and forensics analytics and predictive analytics for the auto-leasing industry.

  • Market Cap: $39.6 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 25.9%
  • 1 Month Total Return: -27.7%
  • YTD Total Return: 288.6%

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV:HIVE) – $1.40
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

HIVE Blockchain Technologies is a cryptocurrency miner, operating a mining facility located in Iceland. The Company’s facility was completed in May 2017 and has the capability to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Zcash. HIVE opened an Ethereum mining facility in Sweden in January and plans to expand it throughout 2018, expected to reach 44.2 MW in September.

  • Market Cap: $415.5 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 19.7%
  • 1 Month Total Return: 14.8%
  • YTD Total Return: -59.2% ­

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