5 Energy Stocks Not Likely to Cut its Dividend

Current oil and gas industry woes have forced many companies to cut, or completely eliminate, its dividend payout. Despite what seems like worsening economics, the energy-related companies on our list today stand a good chance of maintaining its current shareholder payout rate. This analysis is based on finding companies with a steady payout of dividends, while also holding up robust income levels over the past three years (with emphasis on the last three quarters).

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (TSX: ENF) – $30.39

Oil & Gas Transportation Services

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc., through its investment in Enbridge Income Fund, holds energy infrastructure assets. The Company’s business is limited to ownership of its interest in Enbridge Income Fund (the Fund). The Fund’s objective is to pay out a high proportion of available cash in the form of dividends to shareholders. The Fund is involved in the transportation, storage and generation of energy through its liquids transportation and storage business, its 50% interest in the Alliance Pipeline (natural gas transmission) and its interests in 592 (530 net) megawatts (MW) of renewable and alternative power generation capacity (Green Power).

  • Market Cap: $2,797,528,137
  • Revenues (LTM): $130,978,000
  • Dividend CAGR (2012-2014): 16.8%
  • Net Income CAGR (2012-2014): 25.0%

Enerflex Ltd. (TSX: EFX) – $13.80

Oil Related Services and Equipment

Enerflex Ltd. is a Canada-based company, which is a supplier of natural gas compression, oil and gas processing, refrigeration systems and electric power equipment. The Company also provides in-house engineering and mechanical services.

  • Market Cap: $1,116,966,511
  • Revenues (LTM): $1,793,771,000
  • Gross Dividends CAGR (2012-2014): 7.8%
  • Net Income CAGR (2012-2014): -7.5%

Total Energy Services Inc. (TSX: TOT) – $13.93

Oil Related Services and Equipment

Total Energy Services Inc. is a Canada-based energy services company. Through its operating divisions, wholly-owned subsidiaries and limited partnerships, the Company is engaged in three businesses: contract drilling services (Chinook Drilling or Chinook), the rental and transportation of equipment used in the drilling, completion and production of oil and natural gas wells (Total Oilfield Rentals) and the fabrication, sale, rental and servicing of new and used natural gas compression (Bidell) and process equipment (Spectrum). It operates a fleet of about 18 rigs in western Canada.

  • Market Cap: $447,908,095
  • Revenues (LTM): $405,526,000
  • Gross Dividends CAGR (2012-2014): 6.6%
  • Net Income CAGR (2012-2014): 5.7%

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Shawcor Ltd. (TSX: SCL) – $27.69

Oil Related Services and Equipment

ShawCor Ltd. is an energy services company that operates through two business segments: Pipeline and Pipe Services, and Petrochemical and Industrial. The Company provides a range of products and services, which include pipe coating services, flexible composite pipe, onshore and offshore pipeline corrosion and thermal protection, ultrasonic and radiographic inspection services, tubular management services, heat-shrinkable polymer tubing, and control, and instrumentation wire and cable.

  • Market Cap: $1,817,551,528
  • Revenues (LTM): $1,855,352,000
  • Gross Dividends CAGR (2012-2014): 10.2%
  • Net Income CAGR (2012-2014): -27.1%

Altagas Ltd. (TSX: ALA) – $32.35

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

AltaGas Ltd. is a Canada-based energy infrastructure company with a focus on natural gas, power and regulated utilities. The Company operates through three segments: Gas, Power and Utilities. Gas segment serves producers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and transacts over 2 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas.

  • Market Cap: $4,829,175,757
  • Revenues (LTM): $2,279,333,000
  • Gross Dividends CAGR (2012-2014): 17.3%
  • Net Income CAGR (2012-2014): -3.1%