Gold Market Behaviour a Rare Investor Opportunity: Gold Investor Pro

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A guide to the gold market and junior Canadian/American gold companies with limited reserves

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In general, demand for gold is increasing after a post-election U.S. fallout. In only nine months, the price of gold has increased to a peak of US$1,351/oz on September 8, 2017, from its bottom of US$1,133/oz on December 22, 2016. Although gold is trading strongly in the US$1,250-$1,350/oz range, many gold equities have not followed suit as they did in early 2016 to a high of US$1,373/oz on August 2, 2016, from a low of US$1,054/oz on December 2, 2015. In our view, this unusual gold market behaviour is a rare opportunity for investors, providing an extended entry point to the low end of what could be a medium to long-term positive trend in gold equities.

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