Red Hot Real Estate Sends Canadian REITs Soaring, but can the Heat Wave Last?

This Report on Canadian REITs gives some recent highlights of the Canadian Real Estate industry and identifies three companies that have performed well this year

Canada’s Real Estate Industry is performing well right now, as Canadian REITs have outperformed the TSX Y/Y and YTD. Canadian REITs slightly edged past the TSX over the last year returning 16.5% compared to the 16.4% TSX return. More impressively, Canadian REITs YTD return has crushed the TSX, returning 8.4% compared to the 1.9% TSX return. There are 31 REITs listed on Canadian exchanges, comprising a total $40B in market cap. Furthermore, REITs selected for discussion in this report have returned 7.8% YTD. In this report, we will give some recent highlights of the Canadian Real Estate industry and identify three companies that have performed well this year, and how they are positioned to perform in the future.

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