Global Blockchain Technologies Shares Continue to Roll on Partnerships News

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CVE:BLOC) stock has soared more than 300% since September 1, 2017

SmallCapPower | November 3, 2017: Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (TSXV:BLOC), formerly Carrus Capital Corporation, announced Wednesday two new partnerships, one with Hyperledger Foundation, an open source community for Blockchain technologies, and another with Wachsman PR, a public relations firm specializing in Blockchain technologies. While the alliance with Hyperledger Foundation helps the Company build a strong team of developers in the Hyperledger, the alliance with Wachsman will help in building the Company’s brand image across the industry.

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Dedicated to Blockchain technologies and supported by the non-profit Linux Foundation, the Hyperledger Foundation works with leading brands (Airbus, American Express, Baidu, etc), which provides Global Blockchain Technologies with a valuable knowledge base for future investments. The foundation engages key blockchain consultants such as R3, Digital Asset to facilitate the mainstream commercial use of blockchain technologies.

Focused exclusively on media relations and strategic brand development for Blockchain-based companies, Wachsman PR has led public relations campaigns for over 50 innovative companies in the Blockchain space, including Agentic Group, Lisk, Steemit, Kik, and Kraken. Since Global Blockchain Technologies is a new entrant to the blockchain technologies sector, having entered this space just last month, the partnership with a PR firm focused on this technology is critical and necessary for building the brand image of Global Blockchain.

Rik Willard, CEO of Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. said, “We are proud to establish these critical relationships with the Hyperledger Foundation and Wachsman PR. As a new entrant in the space led by seasoned veterans from various areas of the Blockchain industry, we will remain open and eager to explore and enhance our understanding of a variety of distributed platforms. We feel that there is room for multiple decentralized and distributed solutions, so we are very excited by the opportunity to work with the Hyperledger Foundation, which offers a diverse set of software options for enterprise applications. Additionally, our collaboration with Wachsman PR will allow us to better engineer the growth of prominent blockchain startups and allow Global Blockchain Technologies to effectively communicate its mission to promote some of the world’s most promising companies in this rapidly-developing space.”

Global Blockchain Technologies was originally established as a biotechnology company under the name Carrus Capital Corporation in 2010. Subsequently in 2014, the Company sold its biotechnology assets and changed its primary business focus to seek high-return opportunities through investment in the securities of other companies, assets or businesses. Recently on October 5, 2017, the Company changed its name to Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., with its business focus shifting to investments in Blockchain technologies. In addition to providing investors access to the basket of blue chip (Bitcoin/ Ethereum) and smaller crypto holdings, the Company also provides access to coveted pre-ICO financing and ICO financing. Post the entry into blockchain on October 5, 2017, shares of Global Blockchain Technologies hit a high of $3.55 and currently trade at $2.67 a share.

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