5 Top Performing Canadian Small Cap Stocks in 2017

The top performing Canadian small cap stocks on our list have soared as much as 457% YTD

SmallCapPower | April 4, 2017: With the first quarter behind us, we have identified five top performing Canadian small cap stocks year to date (YTD). Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc, a FinTech leader in digital incentives (card-linked offers, mobile couponing, and loyalty rewards), has rallied more than 450% YTD on new commercial contracts and partnerships with banks such as HSBC Bank Argentina, Credibanco Columbia, and Visa.

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Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (CSE: MOS) – $0.39
Business Support Services

Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc, formerly Hybrid Paytech World Inc, is a Canada-based company engaged in digital incentives, such as card-linked offers and digital marketing; payment solutions, including mobile payment; loyalty programs, and data analytics. The Company’s operates through two segments: Payment solution and E-couponing. Its solutions enable retailers, manufacturers, offer providers, mobile operators and card issuers to create, manage, deliver, and track and measure incentive campaigns to various mobile devices and allow its redemption at various points of sales.

  • Market Cap: $51.5 million
  • Revenue (FY0): $0.4 million
  • Total Debt (FY0): $2.3 million
  • YTD Price PCT Change: +457.1%

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. (CSE: PKK) – $0.19

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. is development-stage information technology portfolio management company that operates through the Information Technology segment. The Company develops and operates financial technology platforms that digitize, automate and bring the supply chain management of China’s industrial business sectors, including financial technology, e-commerce and cloud computing to the Web. The platforms allow for the tracking, recording and analysis of every transaction associated with the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

  • Market Cap: $78.2 million
  • Revenue (FY0):$0.0 million
  • Total Debt (FY0): $1.1 million
  • YTD Price PCT Change: +270.0%

First Global Data Ltd. (TSXV: FGD) – $0.78
Investment Holding Companies

First Global Data Limited is a technology company that operates in the payments sector. The Company’s principal activity includes financial technology and remittance of services from Canada and the United States. Its services include consumer-to-consumer money transfer, which are provided under First Global Money brand and Mobile Payments, which are provided under PayQwik brand. Its technology platform stores information provided by various regulatory bodies on suspected money launderers and terrorist financiers. It also provides dynamic foreign exchange (FX) services, whereby the system gathers FE from multiple providers, and presents customers with a rate they would receive when sending monies from one currency to another.

  • Market Cap: $139.0 million
  • Revenue (FY0): $1.2 million
  • Total Debt (FY0): $11.4 million
  • YTD Price PCT Change: +188.9%

Hydropothecary Corp. (TSXV: THCX) – $1.91

Hydropothecary Corp, formerly BFK Capital Corp, is a Canada-based company, which is an authorized licensed producer and distributor of medical marijuana under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The Company provides naturally and rigorously-tested medical marijuana, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides in greenhouses. In addition to medical marijuana production and sales, the Company explores research and development opportunities for cannabinoid extracts, drugs and combinatory chemistry.

  • Market Cap: $134.8 million
  • Revenue (FY0): $0.0 million
  • Total Debt (FY0): $0.0 million
  • YTD Price PCT Change: +183.0%

eCobalt Solutions Inc. (TSX: ECS) – $1.28
Diversified Mining

eCobalt Solutions Inc, formerly Formation Metals Inc, is a mineral exploration and mine development company. Its primary project is Idaho Cobalt Project (ICP), which is located in the mining state of Idaho. ICP property covers an area of approximately 4,080 acres and includes over 170 mining claims. ICP consists of the mine, mill and concentrator, referred to as the Mine & Mill (M&M) located in Lemhi County outside of the town of Salmon, Idaho, and a hydrometallurgical plant.

  • Market Cap: $159.0 million
  • Revenue (FY0): 0.0
  • Total Debt (FY0): $0.0 million
  • YTD Price PCT Change: +137.0%

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