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Written by experienced Bay Street analysts

Demystifies the complexities of the gold stock market

Provides broker-level advice and raw data on top gold stocks

Enables you to develop an informed gold investment strategy

Our performance is one more reason to believe

Gold Investor Pro is published by SmallCapPower, whose UG 20 report index has consistently outperformed the market for the last 6 years.

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Learn to solve the biggest problems gold investors face

The average investor lacks access to brokerage-level insight

Investing in gold stocks has always been a desirable but daunting prospect for serious retail investors.

A definitive guide to professional-level gold investing has always been in demand, but never available – until now!

For the first time, Gold Investor Pro brings that long-awaited institutional level-insight to market in an in-depth, highly credible and intensely readable.

Don’t invest in gold without reading this one-of-a-kind investment handbook!

Compare Top 40 Gold Stocks

Exclusive data and analysis of the top 40 gold producers in the world. These are the analyses portfolio managers use for investing!

Access and Analyze the Data

Get the high level Data & Analysis Portfolio Managers Use. Workbook contains all possible raw data so that you can make your own interpretations.

Analyst Rating System

Our analyst produced “Ubika Rating” to quickly identify hidden gems within the report. Based on a company’s financial health,operational performance, and valuation.

The only investor publication of its kind on the market today!


Over 21,000 successful investors are signed up with us

“It’s small caps not a well followed area. No competition in Canuck land.”

– GW Prince

“Your site gives me stocks to look at and dig deeper into. You do the Show and I look for the Dough Good job.”

– Paul Benwell

“There is a choice of interests and no unending -snake -oil -salesman approach.”

– Jo Rower

“I value the information, recommendations, expert opinions offered by SmallCapPower. They are

– G. Gaye


Our Track Record

9 out of 20 of our gold stock picks have been taken over.

Beat The Market with Us

Since June 2016, our picks appreciated in value by 21% compared to the 7% rise in the price of gold and the 17% upside witnessed by TSX Gold Index.

Don’t invest in gold without reading this one-of-a-kind investment handbook!

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