Tina Byers’ Top Stock Pick Surges 170% in One Year

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Life sciences junior is capitalizing on a healthier eating trend

SmallCapPower | January 11, 2017: On January 26, 2016, SmallCapPower interviewed AlphaNorth Asset Management Associate Portfolio Manager Tina Byers at the AlphaNorth Capital Conference in Nassau, Bahamas (watch the interview), who mentioned a life sciences junior that she liked at the time. Nearly a year later, the stock’s value has powered about 170% higher to its current price of $0.135, even closing as high as $0.20 a share in early October.

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Millennial Investing Tips and Stock Picks From AlphaNorth’s Tina Byers

The company she favoured at the time, Avivagen Inc. (TSXV: VIV), is focused on antibiotic alternatives that are added to livestock feeds. Anyone who watches television has probably seen commercials for fast-food restaurants that are promoting antibiotic-free meat in their food. Industry giants such as McDonald’s and Chipotle Mexican Grill have really moved away from antibiotics, a trend that will likely continue and become the norm. In her interview, Ms. Byers said she believes this to be a large and growing market.

Avivagen has a proprietary product that’s all natural and safe, so that you get the same yield in your feedstock but it’s heathier for the individual, according to Ms. Byers. During 2016, Avivagen received approval for use of its product in all species in the Philippines and announced its first industrial-scale sale in that country, as well as signing commercial partnerships in both the Philippines and China. For 2017, the Company hopes to execute further commercial and trial alliances in Asia and elsewhere, secure registration in more nations, develop protocols for use in new species, and establish proof of concept for human applications.