Jay Taylor Calls This Possibly “One of the Most Fantastic Gold Discoveries in a Long Time”

Jay Taylor, editor of J Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (miningstocks.com), explained at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference why he believes this is the greatest gold bull market of his lifetime, which he thinks will end in a multi-thousand dollar gold price. He also mentions a resource junior led by a highly-regarded geologist with a promising discovery, which Mr. Taylor says is his “largest personal holding”.

Narrator: Live from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, it’s the Small Cap Power Expert Interview featuring Jay Taylor.

SmallCapPower: Can you summarize today’s speech for our viewers?

Jay: Yeah, I talked about believing that this is a fantastic bull market. I called this the greatest bull market in my lifetime for gold. And that started back in the early 2000’s. And I think that we’ve had a correction. I think we’re going to run up to levels in gold that people have a difficult time believing we will achieve. I think we’re going to see a multi-thousand dollar gold price, and as that happens, I’m looking for the best gold mining companies that I can find. So in my talk here, I talked about one that might possibly be one of the most fantastic gold discoveries in a long time. And that is one that a company called Novo Resources Corp (CSE:NVO), is exploring and developing. And it is a Witwatersrand look-a-like, deposit in Northwestern Australia. And it’s Quinton Hennigh, a very highly regarded geologist who is leading the charge there. So far it looks like all the things are coming together for the possibility of another Witwatersrand gold deposit. So that is actually my largest personal holding, and it is the company that I talked about, Novo Resources Corp (CSE:NVO).

Right now, coming out of the bottom of this market, I’m looking at companies that are in production. I think they’ll be the first ones to charge out and give you the biggest bang for your buck early. Then I’ll go down the food chain to the more exploration companies, and so forth. But there’s a company called Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. (TSX:DNG), which I like a lot. There’s several, I mean I’m buying Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G) now, for example, because I think it’s going to do extremely well. So among the juniors, there’s a whole handful of them, and I haven’t really thought about it right now to give you a list, but there’s a lot of them that I like a lot.

SmallCapPower: It’s January 2015, so what are your thoughts on the current state of the junior mining industry?

Jay: Well if you’re talking about the junior resource markets, they’ve obviously had a very very rough time. A real big correction since about 2011 until now. I think if we’re starting to see a turnaround in the precious metals markets, which I think are going to help the junior markets, I get a sense at this conference where I’m at, at the Cambridge House Conference, that things are basically turning around. My belief is that we’re on to a bull market, a return of the secular bull market, in gold and silver.

SmallCapPower: Are there any commodities that you like in particular?

Jay: You know, I don’t call gold and silver commodities, I think they’re monetary metals. Those are about the only “commodities” that I like. I really think we’re in a deflationary period of asset deflation, so equity markets, and I think most commodities will continue down for awhile. But I think gold and silver offer that monetary stability that look very, very bullish to me. So I’m turning quite bullish on gold and silver, and neutral to negative on almost everything else.

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