Digital Sports Fans Long for a Place to Call Home

FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM) has launched a publicly-traded sports social app recently that connects traditional sports fans with each other

SmallCapPower | July 31, 2019: In an article written for VentureBeat, Thinking North Founder, and SmallCapPower partner, Steve Singh discusses the growing digitalization of the sports fan, pointing to a Media Chain research report that suggests about 64 percent of young sports fans find social-based coverage more engaging than TV broadcast, while 52 percent prefer to consume their sports news through social channels.

Despite this growing trend, Steve Singh draws attention to the fragmented nature of the digital social media market for sports fans. Many fans use Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit to discuss their teams, but these platforms lack a cohesive framework for putting fans together. He argues that fans want to experience a community, a place where they can discuss something that’s vitally important to them and with other people up for some friendly and well-informed competitive trash talk.

For marketers, finding a platform for their message is crucial and a sports fan’s feverish support makes them an attractive audience. Steve mentions one Canadian company, FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM), which launched a publicly-traded sports social app recently that connects traditional sports fans with each other, creating provocative content around games and allowing users to connect and earn rewards for engaging with like-minded brands.

“There is a learning aspect of watching sports fans on any given platform or channel, and there is the entertainment aspect of it,” said FANDOM SPORTS CEO Henri Holm in a recent interview with Forbes. “It all rakes in so many eyeballs. And that changes the entire advertising landscape. Advertisers will follow.”

In 2018, Ubika Research initiated coverage of FANDOM SPORTS. In an analyst note dated October 31, 2018, Ubika referred to the Company as a “revolutionary Blockchain-based sports entertainment platform.” Its core mobile product, the FANDOM SPORTS app, enables the sequential storing of metadata that can be used to further understand the behaviour of players to continually improve upon the user experience. Consequently, the end goal is to attract users to become invested as “players” to build their “Player Card,” while competing for rewards and prestige. On a forward-looking basis, Ubika Research see this as a high-margin, recurring revenue opportunity for the Company, as die-hard sports fans are kept in the FANDOM SPORTS ecosystem. In addition, once the app is deployed, Ubika envisions multiple, partnership-based revenue streams across advertising, brand sponsorship, curated content and white-label app options on the blockchain sports entertainment platform.

FANDOM SPORTS Media CEO Henri Holm previously served as Senior VP at Rovio Entertainment (HEL:ROVIO), where he oversaw the development and growth of the highly-successful Angry Birds franchise across Asia.

Steve Singh concludes his article by saying there is a significant market opportunity in the confluence of sports and social. While seemingly intuitive, a social media platform dedicated to sports fans of every vertical is a novel idea. Emerging public companies are working to change the way fans interact, which is inevitably the way that this unique industry is headed. Fans need a platform that will alter the social sports landscape by pulling sports passions together into a single social umbrella. Buying into an emerging public company is an opportunity to leverage both social platforms and the massive sports fan market. It’s like buying into Twitter or Instagram at an early stage, when the platforms were just starting out and their enormous promise was only understood by a select few.

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