Cannabis, Innovation, & ETFs Woo Investors at MoneyShow Toronto 2017

A day-long Cannabis Investing event featured top industry executives detailing their expansion plans and their outlook for the Canadian Cannabis industry

Vasudha Sharma | September 21, 2017 | SmallCapPower: On a day when cinephiles lined up for red carpet premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival, minutes away, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was abuzz with large crowds of eager investors, both young and old, lining up for North America’s number one event for investors and traders – The MoneyShow.

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This two-day event gave individuals the opportunity to interact face-to-face with representatives of over 40 global companies, learn about emerging trends in investing and trading from the sharpest minds in the business and discover new financial products to power their portfolio.

Connecting Investors with Experts

Explaining that the purpose of the MoneyShow is to foster connections between industry and individuals, Aaron West, President of The MoneyShow says, What we do is put experts together with high net worth individual investors and active traders where they can interact. The whole point of doing this is to provide investors with education so that they can become better self-directed people and make better investment decisions. And what better way to do that than to get advice from the experts,” says West.

With their motto of ‘Invest Smarter, Trade Wiser’, the MoneyShow travels around the world to create a knowledge hub for the independent investor. Jordan Berger, Producer, The MoneyShow says,With our decades of experience in producing investor conferences around the world, we know that the best way to prosper, year in and year out, is by seeking the best investment experts and then taking a few days out of your busy schedule to probe the depth of their experience in person.”

A Bull Pen to Exchange Ideas

The epicentre of all the action at the MoneyShow Toronto 2017 was the Exhibit Hall. Described as the ultimate marketplace for the financial industry, the Exhibit Hall came alive with top financial companies demonstrating their cutting-edge investment products and technologies that investors can rely on for informed trades. Over two days, 50 educational presentations and breakout sessions were held covering a wide spectrum of topics like stocks, funds, ETFs, bonds, biotech, commodities, options, mining, natural resources and more.  A ‘Bull Pen’ inside the Exhibit Hall was the site for attendees to hear their favourite speakers and pose their personal questions to the experts. Even the mascot of the Toronto Raptors made an appearance for visiting attendees to get a local flavour of the city.

“It is really a chance for us to meet with our loyal investors,” says Tammy Cash, Executive Vice-President of Marketing at Horizons ETF. With direct investors accounting for over a billion dollars of the overall assets under management (AUM) at Horizons ETF, Cash says, “industry events like MoneyShow are a great way to meet with one’s investors one-on-one and thank them for their loyalty and for their business. And hear their stories about investing and provide a level of education about the proper use of our leveraged and inward leveraged ETFs, fill them in on the success of our actively managed business. And also talk about a tax efficient approach to investing in indexes. So there’s really no one type of investors that’s here at the MoneyShow and that’s what’s so fantastic about it.”

Also rooting for the MoneyShow was Stefanie Kammerman, Founder & MD of The Stock Whisperer. Kammerman exclaimed, “Well I love meeting my traders! I run an online trading room where I am trading all day long with these people for hours and hours, years. And to actually meet them face to face, hug them and just be in front of them is so important for me and that’s why I come to the shows.”

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Even the new players in the market found advantage in the networking arena that MoneyShow provides. Lending Loop is a growing online peer-to-peer lending platform that connects individual investors to small businesses that are looking for financing. Cato Pastoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Lending Loop says, “Because we are new and this business model is brand new to Canada, a lot of people don’t really know how it works. They don’t know whether it is legitimate. So I think a big thing is actually educating people on the fact that it’s been around for a number of years now in the markets like the US and the UK. And there’s a great way that many people are making a return on their investment by essentially being their own bank. Events like this really allow us to get on the ground floor with those investors and tell them more about Lending Loop and the potential businesses they might be able to invest in.”

Access to Company Management

Dedicated events were held for sectors that are seeing a lot of excitement. A day-long Cannabis Investing event featured top industry executives detailing their expansion plans and their outlook for the Canadian Cannabis industry. Focused events were held for ETF investing and for dividend stocks as well.

For independent investors, the highlight of attending a MoneyShow is the unparalleled access they receive to world-class economists, money managers and financial experts. Through workshops, seminars, panel discussions and breakout sessions, investors enjoy in-person portfolio advice and get face-time with the top management of companies in high-growth sectors.

At MoneyShow Toronto, KeyStone Financial hosted a free two-hour DIY Stock Investment seminar featuring their top stock pickers, Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn. The agenda of the evening was to teach investors how to build a simple portfolio that had the potential to crush the market.

“It’s not good enough just to have the research. I think it’s how you employ that research. And getting us in front of them in a Q&A type of environment as well, we can educate investors as to how to best use our service. And how to best use any of our services that are offered here. Education is key and you can offer that in a structure like this,” says Ryan Irvine, President & CEO of Keystone Financial.

Amidst the hype around the Cannabis sector, panic surrounding rising interest rates and concerns of an impending correction, events like the MoneyShow help separate facts from fear. After two days of insightful industry presentations, investors left with a wealth of knowledge that will enable them to protect their portfolios for whichever direction the market moves.


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