Azimut Exploration Dazzles With Its Drill Results

Azimut Exploration Inc. (TSXV:AZM) management considers these results to be among the most significant in the region since the 2004 discovery of the Éléonore deposit

Thom Calandra  | January 31, 2020 | SmallCapPower: Azimut Exploration Inc. (TSXV:AZM) holds the largest mineral exploration portfolio in Quebec. That fact has not helped the small, geoscience-driven explorer’s stock until today (January 14, 2020).

(Originally published on on January 14, 2020)

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Jean-Marc Lulin and I discussed Azimut in November. We shared the interview and follow-on notes with our The Calandra Report/TCR audience in November.

I own AZM/AZZTF stock. It’s rising 170% Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Multiple hits of gold in quartz veins way up there in James Bay, Canada.

Dr. Lulin, a Frenchman living in Québec for much of his adult life, is a scientist, a geologist and a data scrubber. AZIMUT is French for the astronomical/geographic term AZIMUT.

JEAN-MARC’s hedge against the insane exploration risk of gold, silver, copper exploring centers on the thousands of Quebec lakes that he subjects to regional-scale data analysis.

“This is one serious dude,” Glenn Mullan, another serial prospector and Québec mining CEO, just told me.

Now, I happen to know DR. LULIN is not fond of reports that look promotional. With Azimut shares rising 170% Tuesday, Dr. Lulin still veers away from promoting his Québec data-hunter.

The trigger for the shares today: 3-plus grams gold across 102 meters at his company’s Patwon property in the James Bay area.

Those numbers just out of the blue would not thrust just any explorer’s shares higher. Like Dr. Lulin, you have to lay the groundwork with years of geographic data searching, collating, inserting, probability-testing.

The occurrence of tremendous trading volume and the price gains Tuesday for the Canada stock (AZM/AZZTF) probably bode well for so-called project and prospect generators, especially those with methodological geo-science practices.

The best the data doctor can muster up in the way of heralding his multi-hole discovery is this: “Azimut’s management considers these results to be among the most significant gold exploration results in the James Bay region since the 2004 discovery of the Éléonore deposit by Virginia Gold Mines. The Éléonore mine is currently owned and operated by Newmont.”

The release today about the laboratory results of drilling at multiple targets — called Patwon — sent investors pouring into AZM shares.

The report went out in November 2019. (That’s a little The Calandra Report/TCR validating, I suppose.)

Dr. Lulin is a The Calandra Report/TCR subscriber. 

As I understand it, Azimut’s Elmer Property and its Duxbury Property track a 35-kilometre-long segment of what could be a solid greenstone belt of economic gold. Both properties joined the Azimut fold after Dr. Lulin’s “predictive modeling” for gold in the James Bay region using what he calls  AZtechMine. [Plenty of collateral on that for those interested.]

You know, Azimut’s thousands of square kilometers of staked ground in Québec sound like a positive, but trust me: most companies with these vast portfolios never get to a fraction of drilling ’em for minerals. Too expensive to hold. Too distracting. Too unwieldy.

So I have to thank Glenn Mullan of Val d-‘Or’s Golden Valley Mines, and also independent researcher Eric Lemieux of Montreál, for first branding Azimut and his data-scrubbing as authentic and worthy of pursuit. (Mr. Mullan’s GZZ Golden Valley Mines has 100 percent 0wned claims in the general area of Éléonore. Both of these geologists are The Calandra Report/TCR subscribers.)

Here is the release for Azimut’s Patwon, one of several methodical drill targets in a vast land package, and background on Azimut’s singular geoscientific methods.

Even with Tuesday’s outsized gains, AZM’s market worth is below $75 MILLION USD.

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