Rick Rule talks precious metals juniors

Sprott U.S. Holdings President and CEO Rick Rule appeared on BNN recently


James Fraser | October 5, 2016 | Pennyminingstocks.com: The following is my summary of the precious metals stocks commented on by Sprott’s Rick Rule during his recent appearance on BNN.

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Ivanhoe Mines (TSE:IVN) –  Ivanhoe’s challenge will be to finance two high quality deposits in problematic countries.  Rick is way long IVN hopelessly long and loves it.

Santacruz Silver –  The silver sector has had a spectular run. Does not own and hasn’t owned Silvercruz. Will never own it because he is against small mines. Cormak has a market perform and a 60 cent price target.

Centamin Egypt –  High quality company that has had an extraordinary run. Has owned but sold since it has given him everything he could ever want from it. His view is that the price has gotten ahead of itself.

Colorado Resources –  I (Rick) and Sprott are a very large holders of Colorado Resources. Stock has sold off due to sell recommendation from Brent Cook. Long and continues to be long.

Scorpio Gold –  Most of small gold companies have had strong moves in the last 12 months. In this situation he would take money off the table and be happy with what you got.

Kirkland Lake Gold –  Kirkland has given Sprott so much in the last 5 years. Company has performed very well has done everything they said they would and more. High quality company that is ahead of itself. Loves the people.

B2Gold –  Sprott is a holder of B2Gold. The risk in B2 is with the Philippines at the moment. Stock is one of a few intermediate gold producers that has a strong growth profile. Really likes it in a medium to long term view.

Red Eagle Mining –   Rick owns it personally but not in any client accounts. His only worry is that it is a small mine. He is usually against small mines because if something goes wrong they can’t be fixed easily.

Orezone Gold –  Orezone is going to be tricky they pulled their feasibility study. High quality people at Sprott they are working on the stock right now. Rick has sold half his position. Waiting to get a better sense of value to determine a buying price.

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