Rick Rule Precious Metals Stock Picks

Rick Rule has made this miner a top pick multiple times

James Fraser | November 15, 2016 | Pennyminingstocks.comRick Rule of Sprott Global appeared on BNN recently and discussed precious metals stocks.

Ivanhoe Mines – Rick has made this a top pick multiple times now on show. A couple tier 1 mining assets in difficult jurisdictions. Rick’s experience is that Tier 1 assets succeed despite jursidictions and seemingly finance themselves. The geology at IVN is described as “geo porn” by the Sprott geologists.

Callinex – Wants to caution listeners that it is a small exploration company. Has drilled a very very good hole in Flin Flon (Manitoba) but needs to drill some delineation holes. Remember when you buy Callinex it will be a binary event it is going to work or it is not going to work.

All markets have been roiled by the U.S. election. In truth, from my point of view, the U.S. election is a non-event, from a resource capital markets point of view. World economic growth continues to be anemic, constraining demand for commodities. Commodity prices continue, in many markets, to be below fully-loaded production costs, which will, in time (two to three years), constrain supply capacity, leading to a period of rapid rises in raw materials pricing. Precious metals markets, including those for gold and silver, have clearly bifurcated from other commodities what with precious metals equities responding to global deficit spending, accommodative fiscal regimes, and most importantly negative-real and even negative-nominal interest rates. These conditions were set to continue despite which horrible candidate American voters chose.

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