4 Promising Canada-Listed Medical Equipment Technology Stocks

    With the current North American demographic moving towards the elderly end of the scale, senior care will be a long-term macroeconomic driver within the healthcare and wellness industries. Medical devices are a perfect example of one subcategory that may see potential gains in the coming years, as technological innovation is driving growth within various economic sectors. The stocks on our list today display low traded volume, while also currently generating revenue. The lack of volume could actually be a benefit for discovering high-potential stocks before the market does.

    MedMira Inc. (TSX: MIR) – $0.05

    Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology

    Medmira Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of diagnostics and market testing solutions. The Company’s tests include HIV, which is suited for a range of testing environments from the point-of-care to the laboratory. Testing applications for Reveal HIV include public health programs, voluntary testing and counselling centers, pharmacies, physician offices, immigration screening, occupational exposures, and care clinics; Helicobacter pylori (HP), which detects HP antibodies in serum, plasma or whole blood produced in response to HP infection. Reveal Rapid Syphilis Antibody Test, which detects Treponema Pallidum (TP) antibodies in serum, plasma or whole blood.

    • Market Cap: $25,096,122
    • Revenue (2014): $2,528,180
    • Average Daily Volume (30 days): 99,097
    • Total Assets (LFQ): $1,238,350

    Novadaq Technologies Inc. (TSX: NDQ) – $12.63

    Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology

    Novadaq Technologies Inc. primarily develops, manufactures and markets real-time fluorescence imaging products that are designed for use by surgeons in the operating room and other clinical settings where open and minimally invasive surgery or interventional procedures are performed. The Company’s imaging platform can be used to visualize blood vessels, nerves and the lymphatic system during surgical procedures. The Company’s SPY, SPY Elite, LUNA and PINPOINT Imaging Systems are based upon the Company’s core SPY fluorescence technology. The Company manufactures and markets Heart Laser System [TMR Laser System] for Transmyocardial Revascularization [TMR]. The Company?s SPY Imaging core technology platform provides clinically relevant anatomic and physiologic images of blood flow in vessels and micro-vessels. PINPOINT provides surgeons with better visualization of important information related to anatomic structures and tissue perfusion during complex minimally invasive procedures.

    • Market Cap: $709,338,172
    • Revenue (2014): $54,140,449
    • Average Daily Volume (30 days): 11,286
    • Total Assets (LFQ): $241,836,047

    Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSXV: TLT) – $0.36

    Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology

    Theralase Technologies Inc. is a Canada-based designer, developer and manufacturer of super-pulsed, cold laser technology. It provides its technology to a range of human, companion animal and equine applications. Bio-stimulative capabilities of the Company’s laser systems include healing neural muscular skeletal conditions through pain elimination, inflammation reduction and increased tissue regeneration. In addition to the development and provision of laser technology, the Company operates a full service medical rehabilitation clinic in Toronto, Ontario, for training and education of health-care practitioners. It is investigating the use of Photo Dynamic Compounds (PCD) molecules in the destruction of cancer cells.

    • Market Cap: $37,071,636
    • Revenue (2014): $1,380,600
    • Average Daily Volume (30 days): 635,339
    • Total Assets (LFQ): $3,817,080

    Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX: ZMS) – $0.39

    Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology

    Zecotek Photonics Inc. is a Canada-based photonics Company that develops photonics technologies and products for commercial and research applications in many different markets, which include medical, bio?science and high?e. The Company is engaged in developing scintillation crystals, photo detectors, positron emission tomography scanning technologies, 3D auto-stereoscopic displays and lasers for applications in medical, high-tech and industrial sectors. The Company operates three divisions: Imaging Systems, Laser Systems and 3D Display Systems with labs located in Canada, Korea, Russia, Singapore and United States.

    • Market Cap: $43,167,472
    • Revenue (2014): $86,540
    • Average Daily Volume (30 days): 214,373
    • Total Assets (LFQ): $3,999,360