SPoT Coffee (TSXV:SPP) Serves Up a Gourmet Personal Touch for Customers, Communities

    SPoT Coffee (Canada) Ltd. (TSXV:SPP) is poised to fulfil new and growing needs in the specialty coffee industry

    Athena Dykman | November 12, 2018 | SmallCapPower: It’s likely no surprise that coffee consumption has only been rising over the last 20 years, as it becomes a household, office and even social staple. What’s perhaps more interesting is the rising emphasis on gourmet coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) reports that only 9% of adults were drinking specialty coffee in 1999, but in 2017, it’s 41% (up a whopping 10% from 2016 alone). This speaks strongly that the foundation of how we consume coffee is changing – people want higher-quality coffee produced with more care and personalization.

    SPoT Coffee (Canada) Ltd. (TSXV:SPP) is uniquely poised to fill this need. They’re a small batch-roasting company that focuses on offering the gourmet experience to its customers. Going out of their way to source only the best coffee, each small batch is fully developed using a variety of different techniques, keeping in mind the distinct flavours of each cup of coffee, in order to produce the best – whether it’s a dark roast with fruity finishes, a medium blend with hints of dark chocolate or even a rich decaf unlike any you’ve had before. SPoT Coffee makes use of state-of-the-art propriety equipment for each part of the process and blends different teas by hand on site, ensuring freshness and quality, making them uniquely poised to fulfil this growing demand.

    In an age of increasingly dispassionate and uniform businesses, SPoT Coffee is making the effort to cater to their specific communities. They get to know their neighbours and create connections that run deep: they want to be part of the community and the neighbourhood. Various studies have shown that independent and smaller coffee chains are on the rise to the tune of 5%, while major coffee chains have become more stagnant, sitting at less than 1% growth across 2017. People are tired of the corporate experience and are searching for something more grounded, more comfortable and more engaged with themselves and their lives – another sign that we’re more invested in our own backyard and we like our companies to be too. SPoT Coffee knows that business is about people, and that’s why they make every effort to cultivate a great relationship with their employees, customers and community as a whole.

    Each franchise location is chosen to balance the need for a high-traffic location with dynamic interiors that change to fit the specific area and feature custom community murals for an added personal flare.  Unlike in eras before, the demand for comfortable space to enjoy alongside your coffee is at its peak, encouraging businesses to offer bright but cozy spaces where people can feel at home, spend time with friends and family and maybe even get a little work done. Each SPoT Coffee venue features large, bright windows, patio space and hip seating with an emphasis on amenity over capacity.

    We now live in a world where people want their coffee shops to understand them and their community on a fundamental level. This means premium gourmet coffee and teas, cool places to hang out without being rushed out the door and good relationships with their fellow small businesses in the neighbourhood. Perfectly poised to capture that market and its customers is SPoT Coffee – not just any neighbourhood cafe, but your neighbourhood cafe.

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