5 Top Performing Sustainability Stocks in 2017

    The sustainability stocks on our list were the Ubika Sustainability Index’s top performers during 2017

    As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at the top small cap stocks in each industry. Today’s list highlights some of the most innovative sustainable technology companies in Canada along with their innovations. Highlighted by a renewed interest in the sustainability space, the sustainability stocks listed have returned an average 193% YTD.

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    PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSXV:PYR) – $0.66
    Sustainability & Technology

    PyroGenesis focuses on the commercialization of plasma technology. Through R&D and manufacturing, the Company provides innovative solutions to the defense, metallurgical, mining, 3D printing and environmental industries. Currently, PyroGenesis’ main focus remains on the manufacturing of additives, which serve as a raw material for 3D printing.

    • Market Cap: $74 Million
    • YTD Total Return: 230.0%
    • 90-Day Return: 6.5%

    Questor Technology Inc. (TSXV:QST) – $2.26
    Environmental Services & Equipment

    Questor Technologies manufactures clean air technology systems designed to support energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions mainly within the Oil & Gas industry. In addition, the Company’s ClearPower technology allows users to cost effectively convert waste heat into power.

    • Market Cap: $60 Million
    • YTD Total Return: 218.3%
    • 90-Day Return: 67.4%

    Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CSE:CMC) – $ 0.17
    Environmental Services & Equipment

    Cielo Waste Solutions specializes in technology that recovers renewable diesel fuel from waste at landfills at a lower cost compared to biofuel technology. The Company is currently engaged in the retrofitting of its existing pilot plant to a commercial scale operation, and plans to set up additional processing facilities at other landfills.

    • Market Cap: $23 Million
    • YTD Total Return: 200.0%
    • 90-Day Return: 0%

    Ballard Power Systems Inc. (TSX:BLDP) – $6.03
    Renewable Energy Equipment & Services

    Ballard Power Systems develops, manufactures, sells and provides support services for its proton exchanged membrane (PEM) fuel cell products. The Company’s main industry focus is the transportation industry (heavy duty buses and trams). In addition to transportation, Ballard’s products also have several applications within the power generation industry.

    • Market Cap: $1,074 Million
    • YTD Total Return: 171.6%
    • 90-Day Return: 11.3%

    Hydrogenics Corp. (TSX:HYG) – $14.25
    Heavy Electrical Equipment

    Hydrogenics develops and manufactures hydrogen generation systems, fuel cells and megawatt scale energy storage solutions. The Company’s hydrogen generation systems are used in the chemicals, pharmaceutical, metal processing and petroleum industries. HYG also develops fuel cell technology for use in the transportation and back-up power industries. Lastly, the Company provides energy-storage solutions to improve the reliability of renewable power solutions such as solar and wind.

    • Market Cap: $218 Million
    • YTD Total Return: 147.8%
    • 90-Day Return: 25.0%

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