Ovation Science (CSE:OVAT) Has Licensed its Technology: Director

    Invisicare® releases more drug to and through the skin, says Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT) Director Doreen McMorran

    In this interview from the New Green Frontier Cannabis Investor Conference presented by SmallCapPower and Capital Ideas TV, Doreen McMorran, Co-Founder and Director of Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT), talks about the Company’s patented topical and transdermal delivery system called Invisicare®. Ovation Science has already licensed its Invisicare® skin delivery technology in both Canada and the United States.

    To find out more about Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT), please visit the company’s Investor Hub.

    Hear directly from Investor Relations at Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT)
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