NanoSphere Health Sciences (CSE:NSHS) Secures Cannabis Expansion into Canada

    Partnership with Delta 9 Cannabis opens up the Canadian market for NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE:NSHS)

    SmallCapPower | August 1, 2018: NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE:NSHS, OTC:NSHSF) entered into a partnership with Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (TSXV:NINE) to bring its Evolve Formulas cannabis brand to the Canadian market. As part of the agreement, both companies have signed an MOU (“Memorandum of Understanding”) for the use of Nanosphere’s patented technology in Canada for 36 months, following the first commercial sale. Delta 9 and NanoSphere will evenly split the net revenue from the sale of Evolve Formulas products, and Delta 9 can also sub-license the technology to other Licensed Producers of cannabis under the ACMPR.

    On July 24, NanoSphere Health Sciences announced the award of the newest patent for its proprietary cannabinoid delivery and absorption technology. The landmark patent itself, US Patent No. 10,028,919, covers the encapsulation of Cannabinoid compounds in phospholipid nanoparticles and their delivery method into the body, which grants the Company full ownership over the innovative system that is expected to reshape the cannabis sector by providing precise and accurate dosing, fast-acting effects, and extremely high bioavailability.

    Quickly expanding across the United States and Canada, this is the third licensing agreement NanoSphere has entered this year. Most recently, NSHS announced licensing contracts to bring its Evolve Formulas products to California and Arizona. These are significant achievements that demonstrate the Company’s high demand in legal cannabis markets and the immense potential that licensing partners recognize in NanoSphere’s cutting-edge technology. To illustrate the vast market potential, marijuana sales in each of these States were estimated to be US$1.3B-$1.6B and US$325M-$375M in 2017, respectively (Marijuana Factbook).

    Delta 9 Cannabis is one of the four fully-licensed cannabis producers under ACMPR in the Province of Manitoba. Operating an 80,000 sq. ft. production facility in Winnipeg, Delta 9 holds ~35% of the market share in Manitoba. Most importantly, Delta 9 Cannabis can sell its products through its own retail stores across the province, unlike the majority of LPs without a full license. As a result, NanoSphere’s Evolve Formulas products are positioned to reach a broad audience of consumers through this strategic partnership.

    Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.’s primary cannabis cultivation process is based on its unique, self-designed production unit called “Grow Pods.” The Company describes grow pods as an innovative biotechnology, able to increase quality, reduce the risk of contamination or crop loss, and maintain low production costs. Currently, Delta 9 Cannabis owns a total of 21 completed production units and 600 proprietary grow pods that are expected to be constructed by mid-2020. Following the construction, total production capacity is projected to be 17,500 kg of cannabis per year.

    NanoSphere is poised for major growth. As sales and licensing of the technology ramps up over the next several quarters, with the added benefit of broad patent protection, we will be watching the Company’s financial results closely. NanoSphere has already announced that its Q2/18 financials will report first sales, leading to the expectations of growing to break even later this year. In our opinion, NanoSphere’s current position represents a compelling entry point to capture a stake in a science-backed, ground-breaking technology poised for success in the months and years to come.


    Q3/2018 – Q2 financial results with the beginning of revenue recognition

    Q3/2018 – Sales to commence in California

    Q4/2018 – Launch of Intra-Nasal and high potency THC products

    Q4/2018 – Expected expansion to additional states

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