The Mint Corporation (TSXV:MIT): Debtholders Convert to Equity at a Significant Market Premium

    The conversion of $39 million of debt-to-equity paves the way for The Mint Corporation’s (TSXV:MIT) growth

    SmallCapPower | March 5, 2018: The Mint Corporation (TSXV:MIT; “Mint”) converts $39 million of debt-to-equity, paving the way for growth. Mint announced on March 1, 2018, that it has signed a definitive debt restructuring agreement with its debtholders to convert $39 million of debt to equity at a significant premium to the market. This comes on the back of a $3.3 million debt conversion in September 2017. These successful negotiations with debtholders highlight management’s ability to do what is necessary to ensure a healthy capital structure, while continuing to execute on the Company’s business plan.

    Debt-to-equity conversion completed at $0.89/share equivalent (see chart below); approximately 200% premium to Mint’s March 2, 2018 share price. Mint’s management convinced debtholders to become shareholders and the debtholders will only generate a return if the share price trades above $0.89 per share. Mint will issue up to 45 million shares on a fully-diluted basis, which includes: 17.3 million common shares, 11.7 million warrants, and 16 million subscription receipts. In order to reduce immediate dilution, the subscription receipts will be issued in two million share increments on a quarterly basis, starting from the deal closing date. The warrants are also not exercisable until January 2019.

    Remaining debt is sustainable with interest payments starting in October 2019. The remaining $20 million of debt does not start bearing interest until October 2019, after which interest can be paid for in cash or stock. We believe that based on Mint’s business plan the Company should be able to repay or refinance the debt when it comes due.

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    Company Description

    The Mint Corporation (TSXV:MIT), through its majority-owned subsidiaries (the “Mint Group”), is a globally-certified payments company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with its primary business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Mint Group is approved by the UAE Central Bank, Mastercard and UnionPay as a third-party payment processor. Mint provides employers with automated payroll services and a proprietary Automated Teller Machine network for their unbanked employees. Mint processes over US$1 billion in payroll annually for hundreds of corporate clients and financial institutions. The Mint community consists of approximately 400,000 cardholders and members are issued a personalized, globally accepted, MasterCard or UnionPay card and a linked mobile wallet, where their salaries are deposited. This mobile wallet effectively becomes the employee’s bank account. Mint intends to offer a comprehensive suite of services through the mobile wallet, including remittance, overdraft, loans, mobile phone top-up, rewards, and insurance.

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