Top Canadian Blockchain Payments Stocks to Watch

    The four blockchain payments stocks on our list leverage blockchain technology for the payment processing industry

    SmallCapPower | December 11, 2017: According to Don Tapscott, the author of Blockchain Revolution, “The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” While the technology has a multitude of applications, payment processing currently stands as one of its major hurdles. To illustrate, the Blockchain payments stocks on our list today have leveraged first-mover advantage to possibly become industry leaders. This list looks at the latest developments for four Blockchain companies operating in the payments industry.

    BTL Group Ltd. (TSXV:BTL) – $11.08
    IT Services & Consulting

    BTL Group offers a variety of Blockchain solutions to clients, primarily through Interbit. Interbit is a blockchain development platform that allows users to develop Blockchain capabilities for enterprise applications. The Company also has a Blockchain based payments platform called Xapcash.

    BTL recently worked in collaboration with Visa Inc. to develop a cross-border settlement platform. The interbank settlement solution successfully served as proof of concept, giving banks a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of Blockchain technology.

    • Market Cap: $225 Million
    • 90 Day Return: 225.34%
    • Average Volume – 30 Days: 162,900
    • Average Volume – 90 Days: 194,900

    Fintech Select Ltd. (TSXV:FTEC) – $0.47
    Wireless Telecommunications Services

    Fintech Select provides pre-paid card programs and mobile banking solutions to clients, and has recently incorporated Blockchain technologies onto its existing platforms. The Company announced a partnership with Selectcoin for the development of a cryptocurrency platform, which enables existing point of sale terminals to act as cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • Market Cap: $29 Million
    • 90 Day Return: 135%
    • Average Volume – 30 Days: 3,082,900
    • Average Volume – 90 Days: 2,255,000
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    Glance Technologies Inc. (CNSX:GET) – $2.58

    Glance Technologies provides payment solutions to clients primarily in the restaurant business. The Company’s Glance Pay app allows uses to pay restaurant bills without the need for a card machine, and offers restaurants expense tracking, rewards and records for bookkeeping purposes.

    In October, Glance announced a partnership with Netcoins Inc. to integrate cryptocurrencies onto its Glance Pay App. Netcoins Inc. provides virtual ATM software to retailers, allowing stores to become bitcoin tellers. The partnership, which was announced on October 3, allows Glance to leverage Netcoin’s platform, enabling users to spend bitcoins on the Glance Pay App.

    • Market Cap: $329 Million
    • 90 Day Return: 718%
    • Average Volume – 30 Days: 2,336,500
    • Average Volume – 90 Days: 2,895,000

    NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE:NC) – $3.99
    Business Support Services

    NetCents offers users a secure online payment processing platform that enables a variety of cryptocurrency payments. The Company’s payment platform leverages Blockchain technologies for further security along with Artificial Intelligence for quicker transaction processing.

    While the Company continues to add new payment methods to its platform, current options include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Interac-e-Transfer. Alongside payment options, NetCents launched its own cryptocurrency, the NetCents Coin, with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in process. In addition, NetCents announced that it received $2.1M in funding over the last four months, driven by the exercise of shareholder warrants.

    • Market Cap: $142 Million
    • 90 Day Return: 659%
    • Average Volume – 30 Days: 1,323,600
    • Average Volume – 90 Days: 1,031,000

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