Centurion Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:CTN) has Contracted Sales for its Entire 2017 Production

    The company is producing agricultural gypsum from its Argentina project

    Centurion Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:CTN) is betting on a little-known mineral that is proving to be very popular in the South American agricultural market. At PDAC 2017, we spoke to David Tafel, president and CEO of CTN about gypsum, an industrial mineral that has great potential to increase crop yields and bring non-arable land into production. Using it as a fertilizer and soil enhancer, CTN aims to become a preferred supplier to agricultural distributors in Argentina, where quality agricultural land is difficult to find. In the interview, Mr. Tafel talks about CTN’s offtake agreement with a Paraguayan group, their success in bringing new technology to the field and why Argentina’s new government is pro-mining.

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