Centurion Minerals (TSXV: CTN) Expects to Generate $4 Million a Year in Revenue: CFO

    Centurion Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: CTN) CFO Jeremy Wright says the Company’s pilot plant is capable of producing a minimum of 40,000 tonnes of agricultural gypsum annually

    In this interview with SmallCapPower, Centurion Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: CTN) CFO Jeremy Wright describes how Centurion’s agricultural gypsum project will help address the estimated minimum four million tonne annual gypsum demand in South America. Agricultural gypsum is used a soil conditioner and is essential for increasing yields in the southern hemisphere. Centurion Minerals’ pilot plant in Argentina is capable of producing a minimum of 40,000 tonnes of agricultural gypsum annually, which would generate about C$4 million a year in revenue for the Company. Find out more by watching our short video interview.

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