Carl Data Solutions (CSE:CRL) is a comprehensive industrial IoT design and implementation company. Carl’s enterprise application development platform has the unique capacity to collect and store very large data sets, both structured and unstructured data sets from almost any data source. The company’s applications then organize and display this information on an intuitive cloud-based user interface.

Carl’s business model is built around the acquisition and integration of complimentary applications for data management, and with each new company, their potential for continued success in the utility and Industrial IoT markets grows. Each application collects and logs information from sensors and IoT nodes, and then this data is transferred to Carl’s data storage cloud to be shaped and analyzed based on each client’s needs.

Carl’s goal is to deliver a comprehensive data management solution for datasets of any size, type and complexity, and to continue to build a universal platform for other data-centric applications for industry and government.

Carl recently acquired FlowWorks, a company that helps its clients analyze and understand a combination of sensor and environmental data to manage water and waste water systems. Through a powerful platform of data collection, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools, their application can predict weather events weeks, or even months, in advance. Algorithms tell clients what impact an event will have on their infrastructure, important information that can be used by whole host of industries. Carl plans to adapt this powerful tool to take advantage of the opportunities in other data intensive verticals such as oil, power and gas, electrical utilities that are helping to drive the Industrial IoT revolution.

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