CannaVcell Sciences (CSE:CNVC) is Going to Revolutionize the Cannabis Supply: CEO

    CannaVcell Sciences Inc.’s (CSE:CNVC) biofarming technology bypasses conventional farming by directly growing cells of the cannabis plant to produce the active ingredients that exist in the bud

    SmallCapPower spoke recently with Dr. Zaki Rakib, Founder and CEO of CannaVcell Sciences Inc. (CSE:CNVC), a company that is hoping to revolutionize the supply of cannabis by using biopharming techniques to grow plants. Unlike conventional farming, biopharming produces active ingredients with identical genomics of the original plant. CannaVcell Sciences is aiming to build a production plant by the end of 2019. Watch this video to find out more about how biofarming is changing the way cannabis is grown.

    To find out more about CannaVcell Sciences Inc (CSE:CNVC), please “visit the company’s Investor Hub.”

    Hear directly from Investor Relations at Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc (CSE:CNVC)
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