CannaVcell Sciences Inc.’s (CSE:CNVC) Biofarming is Improving Cannabis Production

    CannaVcell Sciences Inc. (CSE:CNVC) is poised to produce cannabis with less capital, less waste and a better product overall

    Athena Dykman | May 6, 2019 | SmallCapPower: Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing markets around and with a broad swatch of recent legalization laws, its demand is expected to grow exponentially during the next several years. This means there’s been a great deal more farming in the last few years dedicated solely to cannabis plants, and in order to keep up with that increasing demand, many farms have had to get smarter and more efficient. There are downsides to conventional farming techniques, such as the need for vast amounts of land and energy, the costs of production, the inconsistency of the product, the susceptibility to toxic fungi and high initial capital investment; but as it stands – what options are there? That’s where CannaVcell Sciences Inc. (CSE:CNVC) comes in – a biofarming technology company based out of Vancouver, BC.

    CannaVcell Sciences is transforming the way we think about cannabis production and turning those thoughts into reality. While conventional farming uses vast amounts of land inefficiently and requires a high number of skilled workers, the biofarming techniques CannaVcell has crafted are extremely space efficient and require much fewer workers to sustain. On 100 sq. meters, CannaVcell Sciences bioreactors will produce two tonnes of active cannabis ingredients. The factories can be built anywhere, which means a better use of both time and money than searching for the right plot of land and hoping for the best. As with all farm plants, there’s a relative expectation of inconsistency from one plant to another, causing quality and production fluctuation from harvest to harvest. With CannaVcell’s sustainable biofarming, the quality of the active ingredients being produced are strictly identical to the original plant and, therefore, you always know exactly what to expect. Additionally, CannaVcell Sciences’ BioFarms will shorten the harvesting cycle to once every three weeks compare to once every three to five months with traditional farming.

    CannaVcell’s technology is fortified with a decade’s worth of scientific validation, having gone through stringent clinical trials, pre-clinical trials and in-vitro studies that support their hard work. Effectively, the Company wants to use this technology to produce the active ingredients of cannabis without all the variables and effort of growing the cannabis plant itself. Most recently, they have achieved the ability to multiply cannabis cell tissues on solid media, which allows them to grow plant cells in a variety of colours – an important step for the next stage of development. Along with the consistency a process like this offers, as well as the vast environmental benefits, it will serve to better ensure safe and effective use by being clean of toxic fungi and molds that can plague plants at various stages of life.

    CannaVcell Sciences will be employing a B2B model, supplying the final product in a powder form that can be packaged to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. CannaVcell’s goal is to become the leading supplier of cannabis for both legal recreational and medicinal use and the Company is well poised to do so with less capital, less waste and a better product overall.

    To find out more about CannaVcell Sciences Inc (CSE:CNVC), please visit the company’s Investor Hub.

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