Chilean Metals Inc. is a junior mining company focused on exploration for copper and gold in Chile and Nova Scotia. The company's profile and mission are as follows:

    • To take advantage of their significant land position in Chile. This is a country well known for its mineral production, and Chilean Metals has operated in it for 20 years.
    • To discover and develop Copper Gold deposits in Chile’s under-explored, easily accessible and low-elevation coastal belt.
    • To (ideally) acquire interests in prospective properties without underlying third party royalties or interests, thus offering attractive leverage to any future joint venture partner. This is achievable through patient acquisition of carefully-selected mineral properties at an early stage.
    • Chilean Metals owns a net smelter return royalty on future production from the Copaquire Cu-Mo deposit of Teck Resources Limited. This royalty has the potential to provide significant future benefit to the Company in terms of non-dilutive exploration funding and/or dividends to shareholders. This royalty may also provide a model for the Company’s future accretive growth.
    • The company has recently been restructured for success. It has a tight stock float, a very lean corporate structure and operating G&A.

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Chilean Metals Inc. (TSXV:CMX) 82 Richmond St E #202 Toronto, ON M5C 1P1 Website