Cineplex Strikes Back, Peekaboo Beans Ramps Up: Capital Ideas TV

    Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting speaks with the CEOs of Cineplex, Novoheart, and Peekaboo Beans, as well as the Executive Chairman of GreenPower Motor Company

    SmallCapPower partner Capital Ideas presents Episode 29 of Capital Ideas TV. In this edition, Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Cineplex Inc. (TSX:CGX) CEO Ellis Jacob about the recent malaise in the stock and what he’s doing to reignite growth. Mark also speaks with GreenPower Motor Company Inc’s (TSXV:GPV) Executive Chairman Fraser Atkinson about how the electric bus maker is shifting from development to commercialization. Peekaboo Beans Inc. (TSXV:BEAN) founder and CEO Traci Costa sits down with Mark to discuss the e-commerce company’s expansion into the U.S., which she expects to produce hyper-growth. And Mark talks with Novoheart (TSXV:NVH) CEO Ronald Li about the company’s disruptive ‘mini-hearts’, which can dramatically reduce costs and patient harm in clinical trials.

    To find out more about Peekaboo Beans Inc. (TSXV:BEAN), please visit the company’s Investor Hub.

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