Peekaboo Beans (CSE:BEAN) is Revolutionizing the Children’s Apparel Market

    Focusing on sustainability and quality, Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE:BEAN) is a thought leader and category king

    Athena Dykman | February 20, 2019 | SmallCapPower: The global online apparel market is one of the most rapidly-growing industries on the planet, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has found themselves without the time or energy to visit a brick and mortar shop. This is perhaps most true of parents – especially parents of younger children, who barely have the time to shower or sleep, let alone pack up the kids and take a trip to the store. According to Euromonitor, the global childrenswear market is actually outpacing all other apparel, growing 5% in 2016 alone to $203.4 billion, a sure sign that the demand has shifted.

    One of the main reasons why the industry has begun to explode is the high demand, but low offering, of high quality, sustainable clothing for children. As any parent could tell you, children outgrow their clothes quickly, if they don’t destroy them while playing first. They could tell you how difficult it is to dress their children in the morning, while also considering their physical needs and comfort; the anxiety that in order to avoid ruining their clothing, they may be developmentally hampered and unable to explore and run around with complete freedom. Despite being a common struggle, the market simply hasn’t had much to offer those parents and children, leaving a gap in an otherwise thriving market.

    That’s what Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE:BEAN) (OTCQB:PBBSF) CEO Traci Costa saw when she began to notice these concerns in her own life, and why she launched her company in 2006. Coming out in full force, Peekaboo Beans is already a thought leader and category king, offering products for sustainability, comfort and independence. On offer is a wide variety of products that keep in mind easy on-and-off for potty training; consideration for tactile and skin sensitivity; durability and high quality, breathable fabric and a complete lack of harmful dyes, chemical and toxins. In short, Peekaboo Beans works with experts in child behaviour to develop entire lines of easy-to-manage clothing that won’t shrink and will grow with your child, allowing them to be useful and comfortable longer than ever before.

    Where many traditional childrenswear stores have begun to struggle, Peekaboo Beans set its sight on the future and launched immediately into the space of the online apparel market. It employs thousands of brand ambassadors across the U.S. and Canada and works through affiliate marketing, an industry set to reach $6.8 billion in sales by 2020. By employing brand ambassadors and social media marketing, Peekaboo Beans boasts 85% customer retention and return and net promoters at 71%. Because of this incredibly flexible and unique, low-cost distribution model, it allows distribution channels to expand into any region needed, bolstered by pop-up shops, which introduce the brand and allow people to touch and feel the quality in person.

    Peekaboo Beans is always looking for more ways to grow, which is why they turned to omni-channel sale channels, giving customers more purchasing options that work for them. Through pop-up shops, wholesale opportunities, loyalty memberships, social media, e-commerce shops and more, this approach provides higher margins, integrated communication and improved data collection. This paves the way for a better product, a better way to buy it and a better market for everyone.


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