Canada Listed Marijuana Stocks with Top U.S. Growth Prospects

The Canada listed marijuana stocks we’ve identified are all licensed producers and/or distributors of cannabis in a number of states in the U.S.

SmallCapPower | June 18, 2018: Investing in Canadian marijuana stocks a year ago would have been a dream for most investors. After a significant run up, and with high expectation, most of the industry is trading at lofty multiples. However, a much larger cannabis opportunity in the U.S. is being overshadowed. Nine states in the U.S. have legal recreational cannabis and 30 states permit medical cannabis. The State of Florida alone has a medical market of $810M, double the size of the entire Canadian market. The Canada listed marijuana stocks we’ve identified today are great for exposure into the U.S. cannabis market.

Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. (CSE:CNNX) – $1.03

Cannex Group Holdings is a Canada-based company with cannabis operations in Washington and California. Cannex is focused on premium indoor cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and branding of edible and derivative products, as well as retail operations. The Company’s subsidiary, BrightLeaf Development LLC, is the largest producer/processor in Washington State. Cannex is also in the process of acquiring Jetty Extracts, one of the largest processors and extractors in California. Cannex plans to produce from two indoor cultivating facilities with a combined 30,000 sq. ft. and 19,000 kg/year capacity, equating to one of the highest yields in the industry at 633 grams/sq. ft.

  • Market Cap: $90.6 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 4.0%
  • 1 Month Total Return: -11.2%
  • YTD Total Return: 185.8%

MedMen Enterprises Inc. (CSE:MMEN) – $4.75

MedMen Enterprises is a vertically-integrated cannabis company operating in the U.S. market. The Company has 18 facilities that manufactures and distribute their cannabis product in California, Nevada and New York. On June 6, the Company completed an acquisition of Treadwell Simpson Partnership and its affiliate. Through this transaction MedMen gained Treadwell Nursery’s cultivation facility in Florida and has the license to open 25 additional medical dispensaries in Florida. MedMen is by far the largest cannabis stock listed with operations in the U.S.

  • Market Cap: $2.2 Billion (estimated on 28.8M shares issued and 435.4M in reserves)
  • 1 Week Total Return: 31.2%
  • 1 Month Total Return: n/m
  • YTD Total Return: n/m

iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc. (CSE:IAN) – $6.75

iAnthus Capital Holding operates licensed cannabis facilities and dispensaries throughout the U.S. The Company’s largest production facility is in Florida, totaling 200,000 sq. ft., in addition to operating 30 dispensaries. iAnthus’ 39,500 sq. ft. production facility in New York is expected to be operational by Q2/2019 and the Company currently has four dispensaries in the State. The Company also has operational production facilities in Massachusetts and Vermont of 36,000 sq. ft. and 7,000 sq. ft., respectively.

  • Market Cap: $333.9 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 22.1%
  • 1 Month Total Return: 43.6%
  • YTD Total Return: 170.0%

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (CSE:LHS) – $0.89

Liberty Health Sciences deals with acquisitions of U.S. based medical cannabis companies. The Company is one of 13 licensed producers and sellers of medical cannabis in Florida, and recently has invested in a licensed producer in Massachusetts. The Company’s production facility in Florida is 25,000 sq. ft. and produces 1,600kg of cannabis annually. Liberty Health increased its production by 20% with the assistance it received from Aphria. By November 2018, the Company intends to complete its 200,000 sq. ft. expansion to increase its production capacity to 13,000 kg annually.

  • Market Cap: $295.4 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: 1.1%
  • 1 Month Total Return: 3.5%
  • YTD Total Return: -57.0%

Friday Night Inc. (CSE:TGIF) – $0.48

Friday Night operates cannabis and hemp-based assets in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Company owns 91% of Alternative Medicine Association, LC, a licensed cultivator, producer and developer of cannabis-based products. The Company also has a 91% stake in Infused MFG, a hemp-based CBD producer. Friday Night has a 12,000 sq. ft. cultivation and production facility and a 5,000 sq. ft. CBD-infused production facility. The Company plans an expansion of 67,000 sq. ft. and has already purchased over five acres of land in Las Vegas for future expansion.

  • Market Cap: $107.4 Million
  • 1 Week Total Return: -3.0%
  • 1 Month Total Return: -11.9%
  • YTD Total Return: -58.6%

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