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Roger Dent: We Still See Opportunities in the Micro-Cap Gold Space

CEO of Quinsam Capital also mentions Brexit’s effect on the Toronto Venture exchange as well as gold stocks Quinsam Capital Corp. CEO Roger Dent describes what he thinks the impact of recen...

Frank Holmes: Gold Price Could Hit US$1500 in 2016

Note: This interview was conducted before the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016. U.S. Global Investors CEO says he doesn’t believe the gold price has been suppressed U.S. Global Investors CEO F...

HIT Technologies (CVE:HIT) Wows with a 427% Sales Surge

HITCASE’s popularity is growing Imagine transforming your iPhone into a high-performing, weather and shock-resistant video camera. That’s exactly what HIT Technologies Inc.’s (CVE:HIT) HITC...

Small Cap Power’s First Investment Series Reception Features Urbanimmersive and Wallbridge Mining

Event gives publicly-traded companies an opportunity to present their stories to influential Bay Street money managers and investors Small Cap Power, a division of Gravitas Financial, hoste...

Veronika Hirsch’s Top Stock Pick Expects “Big Number” Contracts

Bay Street legend also weighs in on China, India, and energy stocks Arrow Capital Management Inc. Portfolio Manager Veronika Hirsch discusses some of the problems facing global equity markets...

Bob McWhirter Believes These Gold and Silver Stocks Will Shine

There’s at least one factor that investors should know before buying a dividend stock, according to Selective Asset Management President Robert McWhirter. In this interview with SmallCapPowe...

Hempco Food and Fiber (CVE:HFF) Doubling its Processing Capacity

Did you know that hemp provides the best protein source for human health? This is just one of the appetizing facts revealed at Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.’s (CVE:HFF) recent Lunch & Learn...

Robix Environmental Technologies (CNSX:RZX) Protects the World’s Oceans

Using its patented technology to remove oil from the surface of the water, Robix Environmental Technologies, Inc. (CNSX:RZX) can recover oil in the roughest sea conditions or the calmest of waters...

Hempco Food and Fiber (CVE:HFF) Revenue Could Top $7 Million in 2016

Hemp may come from the same species as marijuana, but the two plants are genetically distinct. Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. (CVE:HFF) is a fast-growing company well positioned to capitalize on...
Kaminak Gold (CVE:KAvideo

PDAC 2016 Top Pick Takeover Alert: Kaminak Gold (CVE:KAM) Receives Buyout Offer

Goldcorp Inc. (TSE:G) to acquire Yukon gold project developer Kaminak Gold (CVE:KAM) in a C$520 million all-stock deal With the price of gold on the rise, it’s not surprising that M&A a...
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