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Dr. Allen M. Alper has a Ph.D. in Economic Geology and Petrology from Columbia University, NYC, USA. He is Co-Founder and Publisher, with his son Allen, and Editor-in-Chief of, which reports primarily on mining and metals, posting breaking news covering the mining industry and metal manufacturing companies and interviewing and writing articles on CEOs, Industry and Financial Experts & Companies and other original articles.
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Nevada Exploration Could Be Closing in on Carlin-Type Gold Deposits

Nevada Exploration Inc. (TSXV:NGE) has designed its exploration strategy specifically to target 5-10 million-ounce size deposits Dr. Allen Alper | May 4, 2018 | SmallCapPower: Nevada Exploration Inc....


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Silver deserves more respect, especially for its industrial applications in the cleantech, greentech sector Andrew O'Donnell | November 7, 2018...
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Community contributor Preston Guyton writes about three small cap REITs, ‘dark horses’ to consider that others might be overlooking Preston...
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