AI Analytics Stock is Targeting Big-Time Growth

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) shares  have soared as much as 146% since Capital Ideas wrote about the company 15 months ago

Capital Ideas Media | May 20, 2022 | SmallCapPower: VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY), an idea courtesy of one of our long-time subscribers Tony P, has a proprietary camera and sensor technology that uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time analytics and audience measurement.

(Originally published on Capital Ideas Media on February 9, 2021)

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[Editor’s Note: Shares of VSBLTY Groupe Technologies have soared as much as 146% since Capital Ideas wrote about the company 15 months ago.]

The Company focuses on two distinct verticals: Security and Digital Display. Its security application enables cameras to monitor vast areas, detail specific items, and identify persons of interest, measure audiences, and see objects and potential threats, while its digital display application allows users to engage and analyze their customer behaviours and prompt actions.

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VSBLTY’s technology is able to capture key demographic data, such as gender, age range and sentiment.

The Company, meanwhile, appears to be in its revenue ramp-up phase, as sales for the first nine months of 2020 surged about 1000% year over year to a little more than $1 million, with VSBLTY expecting much more revenue growth in 2021.

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies has also signed agreements   with notable companies such as Canadian Tire as well as a key partnership, including revenue sharing, with Mexico’s Grupo Modelo and Retailigent Media to create an international in-store media network of up to 50,000 Modelorama stores and independent neighborhood bodegas in Mexico.

And, management and other insiders combined own about 15% of VSBLTY’s outstanding shares – a vote of confidence in the Company’s future.

Tony believes VSBLTY Groupe Technologies has ‘10-bagger’ potential, as he says this growing company has great products, great margins, great partners, revenue-generating agreements and few competitors, if any.

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